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Applying for a job successfully is not easy as most of the time you are going to be competing against so many other applicants.
Blindly following what is claimed to be the latest 2016 resume trends could lead you into using a format or 2016 resume templates that does not help you to get selected for an interview. Avoid any resumes that look cluttered or disorganized, if you think they don’t look right you can guarantee that the recruiter will not like them. Avoid using lists of responsibilities. The recruiter wants to know what you have actually achieved within your job. HR managers are often subjected to going through tons of resumes being sent to them with the task of finding appropriate candidates for the job on hand. Regardless of whether you will be printing your resume or upload it online, your responsibility is to deliver the best paper there is so that others will know what your qualifications are even at a glance.
With this in mind, it is up to you to determine how you’re going to make your application get noticed among the crowd.
So if you want to follow the current 2016 resume trends ensure that you keep all of the above firmly in mind so that you will use a resume that is going to maximize your chances of being selected for that all important interview.
Best Resume 2016 Samples and TipsRoughly 70% of Americans are not satisfied with their common jobs. Your resume has to be capable of making you stand out from those other applicants and to clearly show the recruiter just how well you match their specific requirements.
You should always look at what is being suggested critically and use common sense when you select the format to use.
Just using bold for the section headings ensures that you get the attention where you want it.

Again it may look pretty but all those borders and dividers and other decorations do are to distract the reader from what you are actually wanting them to look at. The easiest way to draw the attention of the recruiter to the information you want them to read is to place it at the start of a section and ensure that they look there by having the start preceded by a clear line drawing their eyes there. If this is not going to help you to get a job or what you will write may not match what the recruiter is looking for then these are best omitted.
So provide a list of achievements and ensure that you quantify those achievements with real figures. Since there are literally dozens of resumes to go through, HR managers have already managed to weed out those that fit their requirements and those who don’t. Customize your resume based on the job that you are applying for by choosing skills and experiences that are relevant for the post. The goal of the resume is to deliver useful information as fast as possible and what better way to do this than choosing appropriate fonts, font size, and font color to use in your resume? Phrases like “team player”, “accomplished”, and “managed” should be used in your resume as these are key phrases that can help companies find your resume among the thousands that are being handed in.
How you format your resume is essential to the success of your application because without using the best one, you will end up with a poorly done resume that won’t get you noticed among the crowd. As much as possible, minimize your use of humor in your paper even if you are trying to inject some personality to it. When writing your resume, make sure that you keep the needs of the company in your mind so that your readers will be able to pick up useful information about you in no time.
You can use these free cliparts for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.Don't forget to link to this page for attribution!

By following the current 2016 resume trends you can ensure that your resume is designed and written in a way that is going to get their attention. Even if the format you are looking at looks great if it does not function the way that it should when the recruiter reviews it then you are not going to get selected. This is why, it is important that you find the right steps to take to make your resume stand out. This will help HR managers to determine if you have the qualifications that they are looking for in an applicant. This is why you need to go over your resume as many times as possible until you are satisfied that you have corrected any mistakes that you have made in your resume. This way, your readers will understand how you have helped your previous employers in boosting their business. Keep in mind that your resume should be as clear as crystal when you submit it to HR managers so they can pick up relevant information instantly. We know, how unsatisfying your life seems, when you hate waking up in the morning and going to the job that makes you miserable. This HR recruitment survey infographic can help you understand better on how HR managers use available resources when companies are short on man power.

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