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Walk by faith Not rated yetAfter years of being diagnosed as a borderline diabetic and taking medication for high blood pressure, my weight ballooned to over 270 pounds last year. Persistance in faith and virture Not rated yetUpon returning from Iraq and serving in the United States Air Force, my arrival was not the same as my departure. If we examine the Bible verses about marriage, we find that it is a wonderful blessing from God when two members of the opposite sex decide to share their lives together.
There are marriage Scriptures that discuss the union of a man and a woman, husband and wife, as a very special event in which the two became one in a mystical sense. Whether you are looking for marriage bible quotes to increase your knowledge, to assist you in your marriage plans, or to find answers to specific questions, we have compiled the best Bible verses about marriage below to assist you in your quest.

When we study the Bible verses about marriage that are listed above, we find that marriage is not only a wonderful union where men and women can share life as Christians, but that it is both pure and sanctified by the living God who created us all. The two have a special union that enables them to fast, pray, and perform other spiritual activities together as one. All the Scriptures about marriage should encourage us in our marriage and let us know how much its pleases God that we share a godly life with the spouse we have chosen. Yet, we can now see why Satan would like to destroy every Christian marriage through divorce and works hard to do so by a variety of methods. Because of the sanctity of marriage, God hates divorce and encourages Christians through the Bible to stay married to their mate for life.

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