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This leg?s biomechanical structure is incredibly unique, if you look closer it is made of blades and chainsaws and mechanic openings. Yomico Moreno is a tattoo artist from Caracas, Venezuela, specializing in realistic tattoos that imitate bionic arms, stitching that reveals organs, genetically modified organisms and other quirky designs guaranteed to make his customers stand out in a crowd.
According to the Daily Mail, it was when he was merely 14 years old or so that Yomico Moreno first became interested in tattoo art. Also a surrealistic painter from an early age, he decided to train to make outstanding tattoos and not your usual ink drawings.

The artist says his customers often ask him to depict flesh torn off arms, revealing muscles and bones.
Then again, it's safe to assume folks looking to get a one-of-a-kind tattoo would have to search long and hard for somebody quite as talented as he is. The artist also achieved to give the metal components a contrasting texture to the other elements in the tattoo. Now, he adds shadows, texture and dimension to his canvas and creates a hyper-realistic effect.

Sometimes that imagery is combined with robotic elements, giving the effect of bionic arms or legs. If he can also include representations of muscles under the rugged skin, he's even happier.

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