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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. You need to understand the meaning and concept of these unique designs to appreciate more the value of tattoos.
As human beings we cannot imagine a bigger freedom than being able to simply stretch your wings and fly off into the sky. Plus there is the belief that birds are creatures closest to the divine as they fly high in the sky and it is believed that brings them closer to the heavens. A bird tattoo is associated with freedom and joy in living, something that binds all the birds together. It is also believed that our feathered friends have also been endowed with powers that let them carry spirits to the skies.These beliefs and the fact that a bird carries tremendous visual impact, makes them ideal for being chosen as a tattoo motif.
However, if you are looking for any kind of bird tattoo, it is essential that you explore the specific meaning of that bird tattoo and then think further. Plus there is the role of birds in the mythological tales of old, where the hero would be helped and aided by birds as they set off looking for the villain, be it a demon, an ogre or any other kind of evil creature.

It would inform the hero about the situation ahead and even warn him about the dangers that lay ahead.
Birds and their powers are so enmeshed in our history that you can find artistic renditions of birds since the existence of Neanderthals. In fact they play a huge role in the hieroglyphics that Egyptians from the time past had drawn on the walls of the tombs that were hidden inside the legendary and mysterious pyramids. Birds have been part of Arapaho Ghost Dance costumes, in many ceremonies and even the nuptial rites in Africa. In the Christian art where angels and satyrs play a huge role they are endowed with bird like qualities by giving them wings.Since birds represent so many good things like freedom of the spirit, a helpful and active nature, they have become popular as tattoo designs. Statistically speaking many people choose a bird based design for their very first foray into tattoos.
Symbolically speaking this shows the nature of most things in the world – like the existence of good and evil or day and night.
You can also show a bird tattoo design where the bird (good) battles a snake (evil).Since there are so many species of birds, the design possibilities with reference to a tattoo are infinite.

Plus with different cultures endowing different birds with different characteristics, you can pick the one you want to go with. Plus the male counterpart of a hen which is a rooster or cock also means the male organ, once again bringing sexuality or virility into the meaning of the tattoo. The bird tattoo designs are not without negative overtones where sometimes having bird like qualities is equated with being stupid.But broadly speaking when it comes to tattoo designs depicting the bird as a central element, it is always done in a positive manner. Among the most preferred bird tattoos are ones of eagles, doves, peacocks, sparrows and hummingbirds.

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