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Be sure to visit the Butterflyfood blog, flickr stream, and etsy shop, as they are all chock full of delicious inspiration (food + other pretty things). I am so ridiculously excited to check out the brand new Matisse exhibit at the MoMA  in Manhattan. I was excited to learn the official "birth month" flowers and am now pleased to know that Asters and Morning Glories represent September (their colors complement the September birthstone, Sapphire). If you're interested in learning more about "The Language of Flowers," visit this comprehensive flower symbolism site. Emma had a very exciting weekend due to the fact that before meeting up on Saturday, she spent both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon in a recording studio and dancing on the beach for an upcoming music video project by a producer friend.
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I have a distinct childhood memory of sprawling out on my back in the summer grass dreamily gazing up at the clouds and sneaking curious peeks at the bird feeder with the hope of catching a glimpse of a visiting bluebird. Imagine my delight last week when I glanced out the window while vacuuming our guest room and came face to face with a gorgeous little bluebird perched on the gutter just below the windowsill.
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Modern hippie bell bottom jeans with boho chic kimono and crochet lace bralette top for gypsy allure. This weekend Tiho and I are excited to host my former roommate, Elizabeth and her boyfriend Grant. Specifically, these homemade, multi-layered fruit & yogurt popsicles made by Ashley of butterflyfood. The first chart explains the different color variety of roses for each month of the year, and the second conveys the Victorian meanings behind some popular flowers.
Saying it like that reminds me of the second graders I currently teach in summer school when they practice their consonant blends during word study. Marie-Klara is the woman behind the Miss Capricho illustrative design studio and her portfolio excites me in all sorts of ways.
This is the charming etsy shop where I bought my shiny golden apples (seen in the post below).
Highlights included: live jazz music, french food, an improv comedy show, good beer, bagel breakfasts, and getting all dolled up only to melt in the NYC heat. I am crazy-looking forward to an early birthday celebration for my beautiful sister, Emma, who is in town for a few days.

Jamie Beck is a photographer living in NYC and her work is probably among my favorite on the internet.
Matisse: Radical Intervention, 1913-1917 just opened on July 15th and runs through October 11th. Take a peek at more of her "fashion girls,""delightful things," "animals," "travels," and other editorial work here and also on her flickr stream.
I can't stop thinking that the blooming peony candle holder (bottom) would be divine on my nightstand.
Did you know that stiletto heals absolutely do NOT stay on your feet while walking in 100 degree temperatures? Everything she photographs is breath-taking, but today I am particularly enamored with these recent glamour shots inspired by Mad Men, cherry red lipstick, and Harlem Jazz, respectively. This is the first time they'll be seeing our place since we all moved last April, so I'm looking forward to lots of animated conversation over a bottle of wine (or three).

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