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Whenever you think that God is being cruel to you or you are not getting what u deserve, have a look at these wonderful flies around, I m sure you will cheer up that very second!
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It's already waiting for you in this natural 7art Butterfly Clock screensver to decorate your computer while it's in idle state! While rambling through the Riverwood Conservancy in mid-June I encountered a lovely black and blue butterfly. The real surprise to me was that these fancily coloured butterflies were an old familiar favourite dressed in gaudy new colours. The second butterfly I encountered was rather daintily checking out the damp pebbles and mud on the footpath along the Credit River.
Here’s a nice clean photo of the side view, the way butterflies including this one, usually perch.

The first, I am a bit squeamish about saying, was engaged in feeding on or gathering moisture from shall we say the leavings of the digestive system of a large dog. According to Butterflies and Moths of North America,  the caterpillars feed on tree leaves including cherry, cottonwood, birch, basswood, aspen, willow and oak. Even if I don’t, I look forward to my next glimpse of the butterfly form of these wonderful White Admirals. This entry was posted in Focus and tagged Butterflies, insects, White Admiral by BetCrooks.
When I was a child, back when the dinosaurs roamed, many people used to collect butterflies. My favorite is the green colored butterfly which merges with the plants in such a beautiful manner that it looks unreal. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Smaller than a Monarch but larger than a Cabbage White it danced around in tight circles, never rising more than 2 metres (6 feet) off the ground then landed on the finely graveled path.

The red spots, as my two butterflies show, seem to be optional, at least from the top view. They can breed together and produce viable young together and near the line where the two variations in colouring meet there are many intermediate combinations of colours.
And when we feel sad or depressed this pretty flying creature gives us a feeling of positivity and boosts our confidence. I’m glad I got photos of both because it reassures me when looking up the type of butterfly to know they come both spotted and unspotted.

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