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Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. The art of tattooing in Japanese is called as Irezumi and is a process of insertion of the ink on various parts under the skin. In few places this practice of tattooing is used as a punishment but in most parts of the modern Japan these Japanese tattoo arts can be considered to restore the traditional Japanese culture to the west. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Kanji Tattoos, Chinese Letter Tattoos, Chicano Tattoos and Texas Tattoos.
The given image displays a colourful Japanese tattoo art covering the major portion of the sleeve.
The given image displays a ferocious tiger in the Japanese tattoo art extending from sleeve to the shoulder. The given image displays a colourful Japanese tattoo art with dragon theme extending from sleeve to shoulder. The given image displays a shirt tattoo, a Japanese tattoo art with dragons and floral themes. The given image is a black back Japanese tattoo art covering Dragon Phoenix and the Back piece. The given image displays a captivating and a colourful Japanese art tattoo with Dragon and flowers. The given picture displays a man with a sword on the edge of a cliff in the Japanese tattoo art on the side part.
The given picture displays a Japanese tattoo art at the back and extending up to the sleeve. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. A tiger tattoo is a widely popular tattoo design and the wild cat is also one of the most tattooed animals in the world. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Dolphin Tattoos, Spider Web Tattoos, Stallion Tattoos and Disney Tattoos. The tigress with her cub stands for the strong protective cover all mothers provide to their children.
This courageous man has got a roaring tiger tattoo on his chest to represent his brave attitude. This mythical Chinese tiger is a said to possess spiritual powers and people wear it as a lucky charm.
This girl has got a tiger along with cherry blossom flowers on her back to symbolize beauty and might. Fabulous tiger portrait carved on the shoulder that expresses the beauty of the majestic animal.
The wild cat with its open mouth, sitting on the side of the stomach arouses fear in the minds of onlookers.
Cool tiger tattoo, done on the ribs, in the form of scars that looks real and complements the contours too. This charging tiger symbolizes that the wearer is always on the look out for opportunities and grabs them with ferocity.

This roaring tiger carved in black ink is a symbol of energy and strength that keeps the wearer driving. This somber tiger face gives a look into the calm and composed nature of the ferocious wild beast.
This open-mouthed tiger is crazy with hunger and on the look out for a prey to appease his hunger pangs.
This black and grey tiger, sitting on the shoulder with a calm expression on its face makes for a splendid tattoo piece. This tiger with blue eyes symbolizes the danger that the species is facing and the need to save them. This hungry tiger has seen a prey and went wild at the thought of devouring the flesh and meat.
This tiger is a symbol of the wild instinct hidden inside every man who must be kept in control. This man got a baby tiger tattoo along with the names of his kids to show his desire to see them growing tough and strong.
The tiger secretly attacks its prey giving them no chance to escape, just like the tattoo image. Tattoos are made by piercing the skin and submitting a particular kind of ink that changes the colour of the pigment in the epidermal layer.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on One Word Tattoos, Life Death Tattoos, Tattoo Sayings and Let It Be Tattoos. Done in a casual everyday font this simple wrist tattoo emphasizes the power of continuing to believe, every moment. Styled in a mass of loops and curls this is a pretty word tattoo in black ink for a girl’s foot. The cross right through the red heart in this Believe tattoo makes it a powerful showcase for religious belief. An artistically inked cross comes together with a colorful wavy pattern in this Believe tattoo.
The side of the palm with its long shape makes for a great place to get inked with the Believe tattoo. This Believe tattoo on the wrist is inked in a strong font and underlined with a flourish for a bolder effect. The patterns of spring bloom in eternal combinations in this beautiful Believe tattoo with stars and butterflies for decoration.
Colorful patterns of stars, a butterfly, and pretty vines add decoration to this Believe tattoo.
Inked in a flowing cursive font this narrow style Believe tattoo looks really elegant on the inner wrist. Styled in a strong cursive font this simple phrase tattoo is all about believing in one’s own self. The purpose of tattooing in the earlier days as extended to the spiritual as well as decorative purposes. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

The tiger is a majestic animal and when it gets a shape on the body parts, the look is simply amazing. It covers your entire arm in large chunks of black and gives an overall look of an electronic board with wires and circuits all over it.
Hearts and stars with floral patterns around them are most suitable to be inked in this kind.
One word can change the destiny of a person and transform their lives into something pure, fresh,and rich.
Many people get inked with Believe tattoos on their wrist to remind themselves to believe in love, beauty, and goodness everyday. In order to get a tattoo one should be careful enough to choose an artist creating it, kind of ink used and also the region of the body they choose. Because it looks really great with the colorful combination of ink that makes it very astonishing.
If you are an admirer of the wild beast or want to show either of these emotions then it would be best to have a tiger tattoo done on your body. Many a times tattoos are used as means of markings, to remind individuals of particular moments or people.
The universe has powerful energy flows that we can tap for ourselves to enrich our lives, but only if we believe.
In general Japanese tattoo arts include the dragons, Koi themes, deities and lot more with extremely brilliant colours.
Tattoo design should also be chosen with immense care as they leave a permanent coloration below the skin.
All the designs that can be made with normal tattoo ink can also be done in white tattoo ink.
It can be a belief in the love of God, it can be a strong belief in the power of love, or it can be that deepest core belief, to believe one’s own self. A simple underlined stroke, flourishes and loops in key letters, or a pretty pattern of stars can be ideal to complete a Believe tattoo. Often the traditional Japanese tattoos include symbols in the Japanese script and lot more varied themes.
It may not be officially the king of the jungle but in Asian countries it has got a similar status. Our ancestors used tattoo markings to segregate amongst different caste then to chalk our protective charms and for several other such reasons.
Often you may find the word tattooed alongside other positive inspiration words on the side of a foot.
You have black tattoo ink, white tattoo ink even fluorescent tattoo inks that glow in the black light! The tattoo industry has certainly progressed over the years and continues to do so with its ever increasing demand!

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