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This weekend someone asked if I wanted to purchase a 1964 Schwinn Jaguar Mark V that had been discovered in an attic; it had been stored there for 34 years.
So, I researched documented sales history (in real-estate you’d call this comps) and here’s what I found between 2011 and 2014.
I am a collector of Japan’s Bicycle Guides and was able to pick up a very first 1951 edition of the catalog. I’d like to thank Darryl Glascock over at Eastside Cycles in Nashville for his excellent and friendly customer service.
You can occasionally find these bells for sale new-old-stock online, but they can be pricey!
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Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. These bicycles are not easy to find and I now own both Fuji Design Series road and track models in 63cm and 61cm respectively.
Check out some of the extra details that make these vintage bicycles so interesting to look at.

While you’re at it look at those awesome brakes and quite interesting quad-divided pedals. So, hopefully this post will gain some traction in the search engines and you won’t have to search long to figure this out. I’m here to tell everyone that is a fluke on an enormous scale, and more than likely a false bid by the original lister that went unpaid.
I should note that even some of the currently produced Japanese bicycles retain a very vintage and classic look. They are selling it for an old lady, thus, I’d rather not try and get some super deal, but rather help them maximize their sales price. That being said, this was the first, tall, Fuji Design Series track bike I had seen for-sale; I now restrict incoming bicycles in my collection to my size. Every square inch has a scratch… I will clean it up, regrease, ride and then decide what I will do.
However, the binding is becoming brittle and weak so I would like to minimize viewing the actual book as much as possible.
In my head I imagine a repaint to its original color with some nice pinstriping around the lugs etc.

The article also features the Japanese made Specialized StumpJumper Sport, Diamondback Ridge Runner (Prototype), Trek 850 (Prototype). The black outer links and, what I would call, dark grey inner links gives it the perfect look. And, check out that chain guard for goodness sake… I guess this would be considered a vintage Fuji balloon tire, light-weight, cruiser bicycle.
I’m not going to dig into what accessories or options each bike had, however, they all appeared to be in very good shape, none were rust-buckets that I could see. I also did not see an increase or decrease in prices, there was high and low sales in each year.

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