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Buddha Tattoos Design Р Buddha tattoo design are more than whimsical outlines, despite the fact that the craftsmanship might be stunning.
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Rabbit art by Kelly Doty  Doty has been in skin since 2007, apprenticing in Meridian, Connecticut, before starting her professional career in 2009, soon working at Off The Map Tattoo in Easthampton, Massachusets.
Penguin art by Kelly Doty Killer Hedgehog by Doty: Sonic failed audition tape for Dexter? If you are interested in seeing more of Kelly Doty's work visit her site to see more amazing animal tattoos.

If you like the caricatured style, you might like this article on Erin Hunting's art.Leave a comment below on what you think of her art, and check out more fun articles and features on our site!

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