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There are literally thousands of foot tattoo ideas available for you online as well as offline.
So, if you ask us why this design is so popular then there are so many causes behind it such as its meaning and colorful wings. So, girls are you persistent by your choice of getting inked butterfly tattoo on your foot? You may know that Britney Spears has a butterfly tattoo on her foot it really looks good on her, and there are so many celebrities who are having butterflies on their body in different shades. So, we can say if you are going to have first time tattoo then you can go with butterfly foot tattoo. It is really easy to recognize why this kind of tattoo design is very popular as one way of expressing individuality. There are so many flowers available for you if you go for foot flower tattoos such as cherry blossom, a rose, hibiscus, lotus or lily. Foot flower tattoos will look more gorgeous and descent if you tattoo them in small and simple texture.

You must check out the meaning of different flowers and accordingly see which ones will best suit the message you want to convey.
Although maximum number of girls choose foot flower tattoos in order to make their foot beautiful and sexy. Some masculine legends such as the Roman Emperor Augustus used to get butterfly as a personal mark. We are saying again foot butterfly tattoo really can express your femininity and cuteness in a nice way.
First one as you can hide your flower tattoo on foot easily either in formal or office conditions. When you will get a flower on your tattoo then it is clear that you are going to endure a lot of pain since this is very close to the bone. We think you will find your foot very cute and sexy forever if you pick flower tattoo design for your foot. You can also consider astrological meaning of different flowers and see which flower is the symbol that goes with your zodiac sign.

For example if you are going to get lotus flower then you can choose natural color orange of lotus. The warrior priests of the populaces of Mexico used to get ink of butterfly as a motif on their breastplates.
They are usually tattooed on back or lower back, but they can also look very pretty if tattooed on foot.
Flower foot tattoo is by far and away one of the best choices for girls looking for sexy flower tattoo designs.

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