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The fairy tattoo ideas presented here are quite serene and graceful, and provide ideal ways to create the perfect style statement. They have been mentioned in countless folklores and legends in many cultures throughout the world since time immemorial. Human beings have always felt a strong fascination for these ethereal winged beings, and so it is no wonder that they are a popular subject when it comes to tattoos. Sported by mostly women and men on some occasions, these tattoos can vary greatly in their style and coloration which offers great scope for experimentation.

Fairies have enjoyed both good as well as a bad reputation, depending on the culture and the time of world history. They were considered at one point of time to be omens of bad luck, destruction and mischief. However, these creatures have also got many positive connotations and they are often associated with ideas such as purity, innocence, playfulness, youth, happiness, love and grace. Fairy tattoos are also followed frequently by other symbols such as butterflies, flowers, mushrooms, frogs, petals, stars, dragonflies, and the moon.

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