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View here some of the most lavish and most realistic in minute detail, best artificial wedding bouquets you can ever see online. A good number of large photographs here depict real brides with our unique, high end fake flower bouquets that look real and feel real.
If you are looking for an experienced online floral design shop you could trust, you are certainly at the right place. You will have your bouquet expertly hand crafted in our studio, exclusively with the botanically correct, ultra realistic faux flowers. These 2- or 3-piece artificial fresh touch bouquet sets may be great for just two of you, if you choose to elope outside of the county, state or country (a destination wedding), or if your budget is limited. You may realize, while reading all that and viewing the beautiful pictures here that choosing your own, your bridesmaids' bouquets and other floral arrangements for your wedding should never be an 'afterthought' in your planning process. Be careful when you decide to 'skimp' on flowers in your budget and buy an inexpensive silk wedding bouquet, If its flowers look fake it will for sure diminish the appearance of your striking bridal gown you spent good money on.
But really, you should never intend to buy an artificial bouquet for your wedding ‘on the cheap’, even if your overall event budget is low. Therefore, you cannot think about the cost of fake wedding bouquets in terms of a department store pricing – unless you are indeed bent on getting a low-priced, ready made silk flower bouquet online, or from a craft store.
You may see at some marketplaces online the offerings of some really cheap floral items, either directly from overseas sellers, or re-sold as is by other ecommerce vendors. For creating a properly constructed artificial wedding bouquet, not even taking the design factor into consideration, the flowers have to be stemmed and wired and a ribbon on a handle shouldn be just a decorative element, not a thing holding it together. Just below you will enjoy somel pictures (you can enlarge) of our bouquets and small sets at weddings of our past customers.
You may expect that a fake floral bouquet may be made with faux flowers somewhat better than to be found at craft stores.
We educate brides to be about mportant characteristics of these flowers in key areas of our portal. Flowers in all artificial bouquets for weddings you see here fall into the category of authentic and of the finest quality real touch flowers. All these features (or lack thereof) may not be so apparent when you view the pictures of various silk bouquets online. Over the years we served a number of customers who had before ordered bouquets for their weddings from various vendors online and had been appalled by what they had received. We exhibited full designs of wedding natural touch bouquets to the public in both America and Canada already in 2004, A tagline on our old site from 2005 to 2010 read: "Silk Flowers As You Know Them Are Out. The size and form of your bride's bouquet in comparison to your figure and your style of dress can make all the difference. Whether you want your life like bouquet in the latest, trendsetting style and colors, or you prefer timeless beauty of a classic, traditional appearance - you can get it all here. When selecting yours, the maid of honor's and bridesmaids' bouquets, consider colors to suit your skin complexion, hair, as well as the shades of the makeup you'll be wearing.
Your carefully selected bride bouquet can stand gorgeous on its own or be the part of a complete collection, crafted in matching colors.
Especially, if your favorite blooms are out of season, the best artificial bouquets from our studio offer a convenient, hassle free alternative to fragile and perishable fresh flowers.

At your request, we can craft corresponding bridesmaids' bouquets, groomsmen boutonnieres, mothers' corsages, fathers' boutonnieres, etc.. You can buy in this category, directly via the shopping cart, or order custom designed, ample, full size real touch wedding bouquets and small sets. When you browse and examine what we display, you will recognize and appreciate their truly highest quality - of materials, design and craftsmanship.
It will always look and feel like fresh, being imprevious to the heat, humidity, or the cold and other ambient conditions. In the Catalog of our standard designs, further down the page, you will find, beside individual, 'stand alone' bride bouquets, our Wedding Bouquet Sets.
And you will have them made to order - as described and depicted on the related product pages.
After the event, all you will be physically left with will be your dress, photographs and, a bride's, presumably the artificial flowers bouquet.
It may look cheap not only in reality but in your wedding day pictures, ones you may want to keep forever. Floral arrangements are the items that will set the tone and enhance the ambiance of your special day. High quality, made to order faux, and especially natural touch bouquets do not belong in the category of factory produced items in large quantities. The process from start to finish is time consuming and takes talent, skills, experience and patience. A spectrum of various settings where they were and can be taking place will give you some great inspirational ideas to plan your own big day. So you may not be aware that man made flowers of much higher quality (than you have ever seen) can exist. It is very important for you to know that you should be getting the true value product for your money. But, if sufficiently large photographs are not available, you can always zoom in the images in your browser. In many instances,brides-to-be are lured by the promises of great quality at 'prices too good to be true'.
Therefore, all our recommendations below are equally applicable to bride bouquets of 'live' flowers. Hand-tied, nosegay (round), cascading (cascade), teardrop, arm held (presentation) and crescent are some shapes of the ones you can choose from designs on this site The names of those are not important. The trick here is to match them both individually and with the overall theme of your wedding.Buy your bride's bouquet from a gallery of perfectly color coordinated, imitating nature to the finest detail designs of natural touch wedding bouquets.
Simplify your life by ordering also all of your female entourage's bridesmaids' bouquets today!
When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. The highest quality synthetic flowers they are composed with imitate very closely the natural feel of the fresh blooms. You will definitely choose them over the less realistic and understandably costing less, traditional silk flower bridal bouquets.

It was at the time when you could not purchase, online or elsewhere, any bridal arrangements with imitation flowers of the better quality and more real looking.
They include, perfectly complementing the corresponding bouquets, groom's boutonnieres and often carefully selected flower hair accessories.. Many brides to be do not realize that they cannot magically 'make' more realistic than they are, not the best quality flowers in their, already purchased, discount bouquets. And if you settle for getting your bride bouquet cheap, its cost will not miraculously reflect the sound design and make it look real. Please read our in-depth insights on getting the highest quality, life like artificial flowers and being a florist. You will find more photos of our wedding fake bouquets and complementing them other arrangements "in action" in Testimonials (although we still have to find time to transfer most of that section from the previous version of our website, and to do the updates there).
We also want you to be aware that lots of arrangements being offered as supposedly wiith real touch flowers are in fact made with their rubber, foam and latex knockoffs.
So you will feel confident that any of the best arttificial bouquets you will decide to order from us will be created by talented, professional and very experienced florists.
Too large of a wedding bouquet may cover too much of that stunning gown you selected so carefully. It can consist of a variety of beautiful faux flowers: calla lilies, roses, peonies, tulips, orchids, hydrangeas, dahlias, anemones, gerbera daisies, and many others - in different combinations, shapes and sizes.
We make all of our bridal floral arrangements with these finest, real (fresh, natural) touch flowers.  Therefore, you will find here for sale far superior creations than what you might have already seen and may perceive as the very best silk wedding bouquets. We can also, at your request, expand small sets into larger, multi-item packages, with other floral arrangements for your bridal party's and family members. And, that they cannot easily 'fix' themselves the glaring flaws of their design and workmanship.
You and your bridesmaids will be the most important 'focal points' of your big day - all eyes will be first on you and then on your bridal entourage.
They did even become, not that long time ago, a 'game changer' for the bridal floral industry. But the final proof of the quality will be when you receive the finished product, of course. You can also enjoy a dazzling effect of hard to find as fresh (and expensive in moderate climate regions), rare exotic and tropical faux flowers in a bouquet of your choice.
There is often no design thought put into the arrangements - they are just flowers hastily bunched together with pieces of string or cheap ribbon! And you can admire some of the best artificial bouquets ever designed with them on our site.

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