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As you know there are many different species of birds in existence and one of the ones that resemble peace, love and harmony is the dove.
Begin drawing out the head, beak, and the front part of the dove's body with one single line. Now it's time to draw out the wide spread wings, and when you are done here you can move to step four.
I do have a lesson on a dove, but not everyone can replicate from it because it is an old tutorial and the steps are not that understandable if you’re a novice or beginning artist.

All you have to do is make the shapes for the legs, and then draw out the clawed feet which are slightly arched.
When the tail is done you will need to erase the guides and mistakes that you drew along the way.
The dove is one of my favorite birds and I think it’s because they are so white, and pure looking. The dove for kids is going to be super easy to replicate and I think you will find that there is a lot of uses for this type of bird in art.

So have fun guys and remember to rate, comment and fav the tutorials you like or even comment on some of the stuff you don’t like.

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