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Celtic knot tattoo designs are the old traditional tattoos that are in fashion since the 1st century.
Celtic knotwork is taken from the ancient Irish enlightened manuscripts, which give a unique look to the designs. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Celtic Tattoos for Women, Religious Tattoos, Christian Tattoos, and Only God Can Judge Me Tattoo. Smaller knots in this tattoo are depicting the Tree of Life and the heart with a crown is based on the Irish Claddagh symbol. If you love colors, this celtic tattoo with blue, purple, red and yellow shades is the best option for you. If you believe in yourself, then this small and plain Celtic knot is just made for your body.
Wicked and knitted Celtic knot inked in a variety of colors, giving a lively look to the tattoo. Flaming sun rays and water waves combined with Celtic knots are giving this tattoo an amazing look. Blue and black Celtic knots inked on the upper back, depicting life, death and infinite love for the children.
A real beautiful memorial tattoo inked with Celtic knots in leaves style and variety of colors.
Black and bold Celtic knot tattoo inked on the upper arm, giving a sexy look to the wearer. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Little is known about the ancient and mysterious Celts, and one of the only things we have surviving of theirs are the symbols they used.  Nearly everyone the world over can recognize a Celtic cross or knot, but few know what they mean. Thankfully the mysteries that surround the Celts don’t surround their ancient symbols, and you can easily learn what they all mean.  Whether you’re interested to learn about a cross, knot, or spiral, knowing what each Celtic symbol means will give you a more meaningful understanding of these people and what they believed.
It is important to note that Celtic symbols are often drawn around celtic knots to represent spiritual unity with the devine – a connection that cannot be broken.
Originally referred to as simply a ‘triangle,’ the triquetra is now more aptly called a three-cornered shape. While the symbol was found in insular art and even showed up in the Book of Kells, it was almost never seen by itself alone in the medieval Celtic language.

Christians feel that it started with the Monks, who brought these designs along with their teachings of Christianity when attempting to convert the Celts of the day. However, it’s been common practice for Christianity to adopt ancient pagan symbols and rituals into its own belief system, making it a very good possibility that the original symbol was indeed Celtic to begin with. For Christians, the three points represent the three elements of the trinity:  the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Double Spiral is a sign of balance between two opposing spirals of contradicting activities.
It represents that there are always two completely opposite activities going on in the universe at any given point in time..
Related to Ying Yang, it also represents spiritual awakening and the combination of the worldly realm with the spiritual realm.
Cycles such as birth and death, creation and distraction occur alongside each other and are thus, represented by the double spiral.
These knots were used heavily on monuments as well as manuscripts, such as the 8th century Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of Kells.
The idea of lasting forever was very appealing, and still is to millions, and that’s why this design is still seen in the world today. The middle circle unites the elements in reaching a balance between all 4 elements or energies.
Associated with Celtic Christianity, this cross actually predates Jesus, long before his birth.
Its roots dates back thousands of years and is thought to be a variation of the sun crosses. The purpose was to demonstrated the similarities between the Druid and Christian concepts on the eternity of life. In Christian Ireland, these symbols could be seen standing large on hills or is shaded forests, or even hanging about the neck of a Celtic priest.
Craftsmen, who know the worth of these Celtic knot patterns, seem to be obsessed with them. Patrick superimposed the Christian symbol of the cross over the Druid symbol of the wheel of the Sun (representing the eternity of life with no beginning and no end).
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You can get a celtic cross stitch pattern for your favorite knot, it can be an easier and simple one or can be the one with that extra details. Do not "X" the little dots that lie right on your border line, just those that fall within the border. If the complex designs of these tattoos are drawn perfectly, they tend to give a very attractive plus pleasing look to the wearer. My favorite type of Celtic ink is the basic knot design, which is plain but helps in portraying a strong meaning. Celtic knots are geometrical patterns with those soft curves, making them extraordinarily beautiful and enchanting.
Celtic knot can be a little tricky for the beginners to make, as it needs extra care and attention to make it as beautiful as it should be.
Each small dot is going to be an intersection where two "ropes" of knot are going to cross over each other.
You can have this type of tattoo anywhere on the body but the preferred parts are the wrist, lower back and the ankle. You may vary the sharpness of the turn to suit your tastes, from a 90 degree angle to a soft, round curve. So, if you are planning get yourself a tattoo this season, make sure to consider the Celtic designs. Below are 30 amazing Celtic knot designs, just scroll down and decide which one you like the most.
It should look like an ordinary dot surrounded by high lightened dots on four sides and vice versa. There are also graph papers already available with such details; you can get one for your convenience.

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