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TweetThe Celtic knot, also known as the mystic knot, is one of the most popular Celtic Tattoos and is created from intertwining knots that appear to have no beginning or end. Many people who wish to harness the idea of a never-ending cycle choose to get a Celtic-inspired tattoo. A winged Celtic knot could represent any number of things, like an angel, a bird, or a messenger.
These knots come in many different forms; they can be manipulated to take the shape of plants, animals, and nearly anything else that can be imagined.

If you are considering getting any Celtic body art, check out these variations for inspiration! What many don’t consider is that legends of fairies go back hundreds of years, if not longer.
These small, human-like creatures are often said to symbolize a love and respect for nature.
Because of their continuous nature, Celtic knots are said to represent the ongoing nature of the human spirit, or the circle of life.

For a similar reason, these knots are thought to represent a continuous and uninterrupted life cycle, which is why many people wear them as talismans to ward off illness.

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