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The Horned Dragon: Considered to be the strongest, and most fierce of all species of dragon.
The Celestial Dragon: The Celestial Dragon was said to protect the heavens and even the gods themselves from harm from darker beings and spirits. The Treasure Dragon: The Treasure dragon was said to protect all of the priceless jewels and treasures around the world, and to ensure that these items do not fall into the wrong hands.
The Yellow Dragon: Known for its vast intelligence, the Yellow Dragon was depicted as an all-knowing creature.

It is said that the dragon was so fierce (yet merciful), that  we as humans had no choice but to worship it as a divine creature. However, in some stories, the Horned Dragon was also depicted as a lone warrior of sorts, that bowed to no one and fought its own battles.
In Chinese culture the dragon has been celebrated for its benevolent nature, and has been touted for its kind spirit.
Chinese individuals are often referred to as “Lung Tik Chuan Ren“, which translates directly to “descendants of the dragon”.

There are several different types of dragons that are commonly referenced in Chinese folklore.

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