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Every tattooing procedure involves cutting the flesh with a sharp needle or instrument in order to carve out or make designs.
It is a well-known fact that tattooing runs a risk of acquiring any number of deadly diseases, including Hepatitis C and AIDS. If you were to ask any parent to they approve of their son or daughter getting a tattoo, you will find a very high percentage of them saying No, they do not approve, even among non-Christian parents. A parent may forbid you getting tattooed, and associated health risks fall in the realm of un-heathy.
The Bible condemns all rebellion throughout its pages and declares that rebellion is as bad as witchcraft.
Studies have been done that indicate a high percentage of deviant behaviors and troubled persons that were tattooed.
The reason is because the needle that is used to tattoo punctures the skin 3,000 times a minute.?
From even non Christian parents, the wisdom of their advise is simply found to be outstanding.

Studies have also been done that link tattoos to homosexuality, lesbianism, and gross sexual perversion. These tattoos depict the traditionally important Christian imagery as well as various scenes that are taken from the Bible. You may also create an idea of your very own tattoo by drawing inspiration from these beautiful Christian artworks. Blood-letting has both occultic and demonic origins as it is considered a power source that is supernaturally unleashed.
In an hour, that would be 180,000 times that puncture wounds provide a potential path to a deadly disease?
15:23) It is clear that the tattoo has always been an indication of a spirit of rebellion and deviancy on its wearers. Some of the most notable Christian tattoo designs include the Last Supper, Virgin Mary, Jesus nailed in the Cross, depictions of angelic beings, Jesus’ followers, Biblical prophets like Enoch and Isaiah, the crucifix, the cross with barbed wire, quoted scriptures as well as Hebrew writings. Many pro-tattoo sources describe tattooing as having a magical, occultic connection with blood and blood-letting as being normal.

These tattoos may vary greatly in their style, design, size and color patterns, and can be sported on various parts of the body. 15:23) It is clear that the tattoo has always been an indication of a spirit of rebellion and deviancy on its wearers.
We read in 1 Kings 18:25-28 the account of the prophets of Baal who met with Elijah to find out who was the true God? These were satanists who were attempting to unleash supernatural power by cutting themselves (vs. In the New Testament, there was a man named Legion who was possessed by demons in Mark 5:1-9 who went about cutting himself with stones.

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