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A tiger tattoo is a widely popular tattoo design and the wild cat is also one of the most tattooed animals in the world. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Dolphin Tattoos, Spider Web Tattoos, Stallion Tattoos and Disney Tattoos. The tigress with her cub stands for the strong protective cover all mothers provide to their children.
This courageous man has got a roaring tiger tattoo on his chest to represent his brave attitude. This mythical Chinese tiger is a said to possess spiritual powers and people wear it as a lucky charm. This girl has got a tiger along with cherry blossom flowers on her back to symbolize beauty and might. Fabulous tiger portrait carved on the shoulder that expresses the beauty of the majestic animal. The wild cat with its open mouth, sitting on the side of the stomach arouses fear in the minds of onlookers. Cool tiger tattoo, done on the ribs, in the form of scars that looks real and complements the contours too.

This charging tiger symbolizes that the wearer is always on the look out for opportunities and grabs them with ferocity.
This roaring tiger carved in black ink is a symbol of energy and strength that keeps the wearer driving. This somber tiger face gives a look into the calm and composed nature of the ferocious wild beast. This open-mouthed tiger is crazy with hunger and on the look out for a prey to appease his hunger pangs. This black and grey tiger, sitting on the shoulder with a calm expression on its face makes for a splendid tattoo piece. This tiger with blue eyes symbolizes the danger that the species is facing and the need to save them.
This hungry tiger has seen a prey and went wild at the thought of devouring the flesh and meat. This tiger is a symbol of the wild instinct hidden inside every man who must be kept in control.
This man got a baby tiger tattoo along with the names of his kids to show his desire to see them growing tough and strong.

The tiger secretly attacks its prey giving them no chance to escape, just like the tattoo image.
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Christian Audigier has quickly becoming Rock Royalty with the help of Ed Hardy's tattoo designs. The tiger is a majestic animal and when it gets a shape on the body parts, the look is simply amazing.
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It may not be officially the king of the jungle but in Asian countries it has got a similar status.

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