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Cover up tattoos are tattoo designs that are meant to cover up a previously made tattoo design.
The cover up tattoo designs shown here can give you an idea of how they work and what does getting a cover up tattoo entail. Cover Up Tattoos – In ancient Japan criminals were tattooed with rings on their arms, one for each crime committed, so the public would be able to identify them as lawbreakers. On a personal level, let’s not forget those tattoos of times past and happily forgotten. How about the name of your ex-one-and-only inked on your buttock or thigh, surrounded by roses? It’s hard to tell your children not to do drugs when you have a marijuana leaf on your arm.
Tribal tattoos refer to the tattoos of tribal, warrior races and modern derivative designs that are influenced by ancient art. The majority of tribal tattoos that are popular today have their origins in the tattoos of island people such as the Samoans. If you are only interested in a temporary or impermanent cover-up, consider incorporating clothing or accessories into your wardrobe that cover up the design during necessary times like job interviews or formal parties.
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Any tattoo disaster eventually becomes the most visible mistake on your body and it is there to stay with you for life.
It not only hides your older tattoo, but if made after enough thought and creativity, can turn out to be a transformed beauty piece. He works frequently in the fields of graphic design, web design, web development, programming, audio, music and computer graphics.
As a result, these individuals were looked down upon, treated like outcasts and couldn’t integrate into mainstream society.
This practice may have stopped, but many people still consider tattoos to have negative connotations, and having a tattoo can effectively lock you out of making advancements in your workplace or everyday life.

Imprinted memories of when you were a happy pothead, a cannabis leaf proudly displayed on your upper arm, partying hard in exotic places . Your tattoo may have been an honest expression of what you believed at that particular time of your life, such as having a love that would last forever, but beliefs change.
On every continent, evidence has been found that reveals that tattoos were a part of almost every ancient culture. Samoan tattoos are divided into two groups, pe’a for male tattoos and malu for female tattoos.
Unless, you are ready to bear the pain once again for getting a cover up, you have to sulk all your life looking at your disastrous ink experience.
However, the best option will always remain to think before you ink, but if you have already gotten a wrong tattoo, consider a thoughtful cover up. He is one of the founders of Presidia, an entrepreneurial team designed at empowering the creative media community. Now you may regret ever getting this design done, although it felt wonderful initially at the time of getting it. The first written reference to tribal tattoos is in the journal of Joseph Banks, an 18th century biologist and naturalist who travelled with Captain Cook aboard the HMS Observer. Tribal peoples all over the world created tattoo cultures independently of each other, which means that each continent has its own unique style of body art. If your tattoo is not able to be covered by clothing, invest in specially designed make-up that is specifically formulated to cover dark tattoos. The list below shows some awesome, some witty and some crazy cover up ideas to tickle you thought streak. Cover up tattoos get in handy for this reason as they allow us to remedy a previous done tattoo with something better. Banks wrote, “I shall now mention the way they mark themselves indelibly” and described how Pacific Islanders marked their skins with inks.. Sometimes these ancient body markings used inks and powders to give the tattoos color, but often the tattoos were a form of decorative scarification. Pe’a are large, intricate tattoos that can cover most of a man’s lower body, from the waist to the knees.

The heavy foundation can be purchased to match your skin tone, though it does wear over several hours and is not typically water resistant. Doing these tattoos can be tricky, as this requires precision and understanding of what design you might need to cover up a previously designed tattoo.
How can you justify paying $250 – $850 per visit to have your tattoo surgically removed when times are so uncertain for you and your family?
The tribal tattoos described by Joseph Banks had by then been a tradition of the Samoan people for centuries. In this site, we have presented you with a number of cover up tattoo design ideas that show you how a previously made tattoo design is covered up by a new one.
It was only when Europeans began to explore the world, discovering tattoo art on other continents, that tattoos once again became popular in western countries. These tattoo designs have existed for centuries, passed down from one generation to another. Up until the late 20th century, tattoos were considered taboo in many European social classes, and were worn mostly by sailors, prisoners and soldiers.
Traditional British tattoos that are popular these days generally take their form from Celtic designs. The Celts were an ancient European race made up of hundreds of tribes stretching from the British Isles across the Mediterranean.
The art work of these tribes is very popular as tattoo designs, especially the Celtic cross and Celtic knots. These lattice work designs are often worked into image of trees, birds or symbols to add an ancient, Celtic essence to the design.

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