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Here, we provide some tips with you through which you can design your own beautiful wedding logo. For graphic resource, heart-shaped image is the best choice, which symbolizes the love between you two. In the following article, i will show you how to design an amazing and dream-like wedding logo with Sothink Logo Maker. You can change the background color of red to a more romantic color, like pink, by just one click. You can export the logo as PNG, JPG, TIFF or BMP format as needed for web or publish usage. Well I think that the logo can help other people in order to get proper ideas that can help our company in order to be more competent when it comes in their business. These questions come up a lot, what typeface, what colour etc should the opening crawl, and long time ago opening be?
This page should hopefully answer your questions, and provide a few things that may help you create your own more accurate Star Wars opener. Below are perspective corrected screengrabs from the four opening crawls, showing the actual wording, and the typographic styling used in the movies. Retro style badges and monograms seem to be quite popular, so for those of you who would love to learn how to design your own – this tutorial is for you!
We’ll spend a lot of the time in the sketch book and in Illustrator, then you can use Photoshop to put a vintage feel to it.

The logo I’ll be designing in this tutorial is my own, which can be seen in the header of my website. Take your isolated redrawn concept and scan it into your computer, then open it up in a new Adobe Illustrator file.
After you’ve traced your sketch, hide your scan layer and make any necessary tweaks to your letter.
In your new layer select the star tool, which can be found within the rectangle or ellipse tool.
Now that we have a solid object, we can go back to our hidden layer and copy our letter illustration. Now feel free to copy and paste the object into Photoshop to give it some extra vintage details! For this specific example, I’m using a subtle brush in Photoshop to create the background texture.
Instead of tracing the the letter shape with the pen tool, you can also try the Image Trace feature – sometimes it works out great and saves a lot of time. Join me in my journey freelancingGet exclusive updates and also receive "Kickstarting the Next Big Step in My Freelance Career", my free ebook about how I took a passion project, received funding through Kickstarter, produced my first product, and shipped it to customers around the world.
Your Freelance CareerMy blog for creative individuals who want to build a successful freelance business while working from home. For example, if you are subtle and classy, you can choose gray and pearl white to symbolize discreet sophistication.

If you are romantic and innocent by nature, you can select pink as the main color for your wedding logo.
And you can use curly fonts in the image because that can give the design a surreal and fairy-tale like aura. Click the object you want to change color, then select and apply a preferred color scheme from the colors panel, which can be filtered by color or category. It is worth noting that the infill of the words 'Star' and 'Wars' are black, and the starfield does NOT show through.
The monogram logo is a custom illustrated letter initial combined with a rather simple badge shape, and finished off in Photoshop with some finer details to give it a grungy vintage appearance.
Majority of your time will be spent drawing concepts and tracing it within Illustrator with the pen tool. This will remove the star with the rounded corners effect and turn it into one solid object. Join me in my journey.Get my latest articles, exclusive updates, and my free ebook, "Kickstarting the next big step in my freelance career".

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