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Create a Contact from Email in Outlook Web App- Tutorial: A picture of a user adding a new contact from an email within in Outlook Web App in Office 365. Create a Meeting in Outlook Web App- Tutorial: A picture of a meeting request within the Outlook Web App. To add a conference room, if supported by your organization, click “Add room” and choose a room from the list.
To add the people you are inviting to the meeting, enter names or email addresses into the “Attendees” line. Click the “+” at the end of the “Attendees” line to open your Contact list to choose attendees. DO NOT check “Mark as private.” Setting a meeting as private will not share the date and time of the meeting.
To create an online meeting, click the “Online meeting settings” link and follow the onscreen instructions. For desktop users or users with Windows Phones or non-Blackberry 10 devices, the User Conference Guidebook App is accessible through a web browser and you do not need to download anything.

Note: You can go into your setting and finish updating your profile at a later time and the information that you provide will be seen by all attendees.
To create a contact from email in Outlook Web App, display the message in the Reading pane of the Outlook Web App and click the email address of the sender to open their “Contact card.” The Contact card is a small detail box that contains their name, email address, etc. You can create a meeting in Outlook Web App and invite attendees by sending them a meeting request email. Make a selection from the “Calendar” dropdown list that will contain all the calendars you currently work with. You will only want to utilize this function if you are using Skype for Business through Office 365. When you have completed your selections and entries, click “Send” to send your meeting requests to the selected attendees and create a meeting in Outlook Web App. Since you are directed here through an email message, the “Email” and “Display as” fields will contain the email address of the sender. Alternatively, you can click the “+” icon at the end of the “Attendees” line to open your contact list and choose that way.

The invited attendees will only see that there is something scheduled, but they will not get the actual information for the meeting. When entering a “Location,” you can click “Search in Bing” in the small popup box to match your location to a map point.
This allows many participants to meet online without having to travel to an office location. If you haven’t logged in using your Azure Subscription, Visual Studio will prompt you to log into your account.

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