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Religion is great spiritual force and there are many men and women who love to wear their religious faith on their sleeves. To give a feminine and appropriate form to these tattoos, they are given the shape of bracelets or anklets. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Girls With Tattoos, Tattoo Quotes For Girls, Lower Back Tattoos For Girls and Back Tattoos For Girls. Designer cross tattoo, etched on the back of the neck, has got rice details in its center that is a symbol of the greatness of Christian religion. Bold and simple Jesus fish tattoo, carved with black ink on the wrist, that is a tribute to the greatness of Jesus.
This cross with hearts on all the four ends looks pretty and symbolizes the love of the girl for god. Carved on the arm, this Jesus Christ portrait looks very cool and oozes a spiritual and holy touch which also acts as a source of strength.
Religious girl shows off her sexy lower back tattoo that has the holy cross embellished over it. The girl has got an artistic cross along with a prayer etched on her back that sings praises to the glory of Jesus Christ.
Plain and elegant; this holy cross tattoo carved on the neck is easy to get and is a fabulous option for those women who want a simple and meaningful Christian tattoo. The girl got this tattoo as a homage to her grandfather, who always used to carry a rosary and the butterfly symbolizes the change the wearer will have to undergo after his demise. Cool Christian tattoo for women, having the holy cross suspended from the heart-shaped chain that also serves as an ornamental piece. Lower back tattoo, carved in an elegant style, that is a representation of the faith of the girl in the Christian religion.
Done on the arm, this cross tattoo, created with a rosary looks very cool and has got a healing touch.
The woman has got a touching religious tattoo on her back that symbolizes her faith and belief in the almighty. The girl has got the Christian tattoo on her ring finger as a mark of belief that Christ will be the foundation of her marriage. Colorful and charming cross tattoo with heart and wings that symbolizes the spiritual pursuit of the girl. Large cross tattoo with wings and the name of the dear one, carved on the side, that expresses the wish of the wearer that the departed soul may rest in peace. The holy cross with rosary curled around it and created with heart-shaped design looks graceful and symbolizes the love of god. The girl gives expression to her faith, religion and belief in god with this cross tattoo, carved on her ring finger. Engraved in the middle of the chest, this cross tattoo with hands looks very fascinating and also has a charming touch.
Majestic Christian tattoo with Celtic cross and angel wings, looks very grand and stands for the equally grand, grace of god.
A simple and sober Jesus fish tattoo, with just the outline drawn on the ankle, looks quite cute. The Jesus fish is an elegant Christian tattoo design for women that looks pretty cool and has also got deep religious meaning.
Tattoo for son, carved on the wrist with a Jesus fish design, who was born on the same day as the Christ. Glowing and graceful cross tattoo, etched on the side of the leg with a halo in background, looks super spiritual.
The god-fearing couple have got identical cross tattoos on their wrist with the belief that their love will also remain as strong as their religious roots.
This cross holding a ring and having blue wings on its sides, looks very evocative and represents the power of belief that can take one to great heights. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. We all know the very fact that Tattooing is by far one of the great art forms that is still left over on Earth and at the same time, it is also of great importance to some of the communities of the world.
Just like the fact that tattoo designs are of great importance when it is about the art of tattooing. The neck is one of the soft body parts of the man and thus it has the quality to carry a soft and simple Neck tattoo designs as well.

Tattoos are made popular by their looks and the look is dependent on the skill of the tattoo artist and the placement of the particular tattoo. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Tattoos On Foot, Eyebrow Tattoos, Tear Drop Tattoos and Rib Tattoos.
The dark and grey flowers, at the back of the neck, look beautiful, surrounded by the ethnic style necklace. The girl got this feather tattoo on her neck to symbolize her native American heritage that also stands for the unity among various Indian nations.
Celtic knot design tattoo that is a cover up for some past piece and seems to have done its job pretty well.
The girl shows off her tattoo, carved on the back of the neck, that has got a nice pattern, representing movement.
This catchy tattoo showing an eye with a globe inside it, looks very cool and symbolizes fraternity and peace. The man has got a black and grey tattoo on his neck with the image of angels and Christ on cross to create a holy portrait. Symbol of power, strength and wisdom; the dragon is a popular mythical figure in the oriental culture. The girl has got a back of neck tattoo carved with Chinese letters that have a deep personal meaning for the wearer. Dagger piercing the face of the geisha looks awful and symbolizes the broken heart syndrome the wearer is suffering from due to rejection in love. The black and white tattoo, displaying a graffiti work on the neck, is a tribute to the great graffiti artist Banksy. Symbolizing the state of being trapped and undergoing an emotional turmoil; this neck tattoo looks cool.
The orange crown with flames symbolizes the desire of the man to achieve grand success in life and rule like a king. Cute tattoo image, sitting at the back of the neck, makes for a lovely portrait that is very girlish and sweet.
The skull, hourglass, cross and spider web together paint a mysterious and ghastly portrait on the neck that looks frightening.
The blue lotus flower, sitting on the neck, symbolizes serenity and wisdom that go hand in hand. The neck tattoo of famous TV personality Audrina has garnered huge popularity among her fans and many have got the same on their body.
Simple and cute, this tattoo, etched on the back of the neck, indicates the love and passion of the girl for music.
Awesome neck tattoo, having a flowing wave of musical notes coming out, looks very distinct and delectable.
Tribal design and quote, carved on the back of the neck, make for a bold inspirational tattoo that also motivates the onlookers.
Elegant neck tattoo, carved on the back of the neck looks feminine and enhances the charm of the slender body part multiple times.
The pair of eyes, engraved on the back of the neck, catch strong attention and you are engrossed by their deep longing look. Masculine and magnetic; this is how the neck tattoo looks like which is apt for any man with a strong neck. Cool and catchy, the man wears his love for his city Los Angeles on his neck as a tattoo that is really very adorable. Wearing one’s name as tattoo, on the back, is not uncommon and this girl has found out a cool style to get it etched there. Tribal design tattoo, with a neat and bold touch, that represents the teeth of the shark, looks fabulous on the neck.
Colorful and vibrant, this full neck tattoo looks really badass and has a very distinct style. This is a cool tattoo pattern that reminds us of the gilded design found on old buildings and theatres. The wings design, covering the back of the neck, looks artistic and represents the spirit residing inside the wearer to achieve his dreams. This marine engineer has got a tattoo on his neck that represents his professional life and his love for the same.
Portrait of the Jesus sends out a divine message and has been etched on the neck to ward off evils and create positivity around oneself.

Rich with spiritual meaning, this neck tattoo stands for liberation that comes with the grace of god. Holy symbols are quite popular as neck tattoos and the holy cross, being easy to sketch and less painful, is the favorite of many.
Lovely tattoo that the girl got on her neck, as a mark of love for her pet cat along with flowers, has a super cute touch. The corporate brand name, owned by many entities, gets a place on the back of the neck, of the girl.
Simple and sober tattoo, embellished on the back of the neck, looks very sharp and also possesses a mystic touch. Bright and beautiful tattoo representing that organ of our whole system which is responsible for infusing life into our body, every second. The small bundle of joy and beauty, looks very enticing as a tattoo design on the neck, inspiring one to be free and celebrate every moment of life. This is to say that they want to express their belief and faith with a material object and in this regard, the tattoos serve the purpose pretty well. The popular spots for getting these religious tattoos include wrist, back, neck and forearm. The art of tattooing has been prevalent in the world from the earliest times when the human was just starting to evolve and develop.
The importance of the space on the body where doing the tattoo is also of great importance! Well, it is the personal choice of the wearer to decide the location of the tattoo but as said above, some tattoos look good when carved on a particular place only. However, if you have got a small one at the back and in case, you are a woman with long hair, you can hide it with your tresses and display it only when you want to. Talking about the fairer sex, Christian tattoos for women are quite popular and the ladies love to adorn their body parts with varied art forms that are symbolic of religious faith.
These tattoos are worn by the women to symbolize not only their religious side but also certain other feelings and emotions such as prayer for a departed soul or as a tribute.
Just be sure of the fact that the art of tattooing is done by just a certain specific section of the people and not by all. One needs to keep in mind that no design will look great unless the place where you do the design is perfect.
There is an excellence in the way the design that has been created, looks at the man and at the same time a look, which shows the soft part of a man. Among the designs that are suitable for the neck, lovely images like butterflies, flowers, hearts, stars, etc. These religious tattoos comprise sacred images like the cross, Jesus portrait, prayer text, angel wings, rosary, Jesus fish, etc.
At times, they get it done with the belief that it would protect their lover or husband or children. There are not a lot of places on the body of a man that has the capabilities of carrying a small and simple design.
In spite of the fact, that not a lot of designs can be created in the neck but the ones that are created can be of great beauty. The neck is a fairly exposed part and the tattoos etched here get good exhibition and therefore, one must go for a tattoo design with utmost care if it is the neck that you have decided to adorn. If you are interested to know more about these sacred tattoos, then take a look at this post featuring 25 Christian tattoos for women.
The situation is exactly similar when it is about the people who can carry great designs of tattoos on their body. Just have a look on some of these neck tattoo designs for men to get an idea what we are talking about.
As far as the men are concerned, tribal designs and other such patterns that have a bold and masculine touch, befit their personality.
The number is quite low when we are talking about the people who can carry a tattoo and the number goes excessively low when we are talking about girls carrying great tattoo designs.
Below, we have showcased a gallery of 40 neck tattoos from which you can pick an appropriate one for you.

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