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Fast Process, Less Chair Time: Access Crown can be removed from your patient’s mouth in only 60 seconds.
Easy on your patient: Just inject into pre-operative impression, insert into mouth, and wait one minute.
I like Centrix for their innovative products and their desire to make dental practice easier for both the doctor and the patient. GingiTrac has simplified my crown and bridge procedures therefore reduced my stress levels. Access Crown allows me to make temporary crowns in half the time.  No need to polish and the margins are perfectly clear. Tempit is a time saving, fast setting, easily applied material used to seal endodontically-treated teeth in between visits.
The Centrix disposable tubes and plugs are a much more efficient way of delivering materials, both low and high viscosity with less waste. Centrix fluoride varnish is the best, most cost-effective varnish that we have ever used in our office. Love the GingiTrac, much easier and more comfortable for the patients, instead of packing cord. I have been very pleased with the value, time savings, and strength of the Centrix product Access Crown. We used to use IRM but it was so sticky and it sometimes came out by the time our patients got to the parking lot, but then our wonderful Centrix representative told us about Tempit, and we have not stopped using it since.
One of the more forward thinking dental supply companies — always looking to reinvent a product to make it better and easier to use. I use Centrix almost exclusively for my temps, really like the ease of use, functional, and esthetic capabilities for a temporary material. I love the GingiTrac system; it is hands down the most efficient time saving retraction system in Dentistry! Just about most of the products that I tested made my life a lot easier, especially the Centrix retraction and matrix material and the Access Crown temp material. I have found Access to be one of the best temp materials I have used in my 25 years and the most cost effective. Tempit is a product that I have used for years.  The easy use in sealing endodontic access sites and the fact that it does not adversely affect bond strengths with bonding agents or cements makes this a superior product for everyday use. My Centrix Rep, Tammy Micenko, is experienced, knowledgeable, and has been very instrumental in the common sense implementation of Centrix products in my office.
We have switched from UltraSeal XT by Ultradent to Champ exclusively because of its simplicity.
The beauty of using GingiTrac is that not only does it offer an easy way to get nice gingival retraction, but it cleans the prep area as if you are taking a clean second impression. Home Dental Crowns What’s the Best Temporary Crown Cement and Method to Re-Cement Crowns? Below the reviews, you’ll find a few quick tips on how to make your temporary crown cement work.
Unlike the other two main temporary cements, Recapit is made only to be used to recement crowns.  Recapit should not be used to replace a lost filling. Another reviewer who gave Recapit 5 stars said, “I placed the crown back into place and there it stayed for 16 days.
On Temparin’s Amazon review page, it only earned 1 5-star review and that was from somebody that used it to replace a filling, not to re-cement a crown.

Interestingly, the Dentemp One Step seems to have some of the worst reviews while the Dentemp One Step Maxium Strength and Dentemp Original have some of the best reviews. I noticed that many people complained on the Dentemp One Step reviews that they had changed their formula and what was once a 5-star product is now a 1-star product.  Dentemp Original seems to be the answer to that reviewer, but the one person who reviewed it appears to have been using it to replace a filling, not re-cement a crown.
The number one piece of advice that I can give you is to follow the directions exactly as written. Some people report that if you cement it just before going to bed, it will form a stronger bond as you won’t be using it while you sleep.  This may not work too well if you know that you grind your teeth at night!
Remember that before attempting to re-cement your crown you should talk to your dentist to make sure that it is appropriate.  Make sure that you read all package inserts to understand how to use the product, what specific risks are present with use of the product and how to minimize those risks. If your crown is on a back tooth or upper tooth, know that there is a higher risk of you swallowing or aspirating (breathing in) your crown.  If you have any doubts about whether or not you can get your crown re-cemented, you should talk to your dentist to see what other options are available.
The directions on these things say to keep the inside of the crown moist after you clean it. Not everyone is taught proper hygiene, not everyone is brought up in a family that places a high importance on dental care or healthcare.
You go tell Duncan that he’s a lazy selfish slob and then see if you need a trip to the dentist!! There is no greater sign of laziness and sloth than the failure to check your spelling before submitting a comment. Wow Perfect Teeth, may I take my hat off to you and salute you for living life among us foolish and obviously undeserving human beings. Some crowns are because of unfortunate accidents where a tooth has been chipped beyond repair, maybe due to a sports injury such as my case.
I am very anal about caring for my teeth, brushing every morning and evening, flossing, rinsing, etc. Some people also have medical conditions that increase the acid in their mouth, in conjunction with genetically soft enamel. Not to mention dental root infections caused by dental negligence, which resulted in the loss of one lower molar. I was a victim of a vehicular assault accident on a motorcycle and list my two front teeth. I had a crown with post loose for a couple of months now and with no-time and other financial commitments, I ignored the problem until it fell our yesterday whilst eating breakfast and boy biting on a crown really hurts! Priceless information as my crown just fell off and I am flying out of town the second I leave work. Hi there colleagues, its fantastic post concerning cultureand completely defined, keep it up all the time.
It has an elastic behavior during polymerization, and the memory will allow you to pull it from undercuts or non-parallel tooth preparations, returning it to its original form. Low shrinkage, low heat, high compressive strength means fewer errors, less stress to patient, and fewer fractures.
Sets in mouth in 60 seconds, saving you time and allowing you to work faster while providing a less stressful experience to your patient.
Less than thirty seconds to fill after an endo, It honestly takes longer to place the cotton pellet.
The needle tips are perfectly designed for precise placement of materials whether it's cement in a post prep, a proximal box or a core buildup.

It works every time and is so much more comfortable to the patient than using retraction cord.  I couldn't practice without it. Maximum Strength seems to harden very fast, so you may want to try a practice run first to see how fast you need to work to get your crown glued back on.
Maximum Strength is the best cement for recementing your crown, followed by Recapit and Temparin.
Duncan Keith, of the Chicago Blackhawks, took a puck to his mouth in the Stanley Cup Finals a few years ago. People who have never experienced the frustration of cavities and root canals when brushing correctly, flossing and using mouthwash should shut up and count themselves lucky. Individuals can require the services of a dentist even if they have brushed and flossed daily.
I have to admit, after reading the reviews on the web, I was about to take it back for a refund. Setting time is quick and very useful for what I do.All in all I'm a very happy customer and will be purchasing more! I really appreciate that and I have a great deal of trust in what they create for dentistry. GingiTrac can be easily used with or without retraction cords depending of depth of preparation and tissue thickness.
People who have crowns in there mouths today serve only one purpose: to give dentists work. In the olden days, fewer people probably died from dental problems than died from stupidity, which the comment I am replying to represents. However, the hygenist was able to give me some two-part dental cement in a packet, which is the EXACT same stuff that they use when they’re putting a temporary crown on while you wait for them to get the permanent one back. Otherwise, they deserve the same fat as their ancestors for being dirty, lazy, selfish slobs.
My assistant can't decide which part she likes better, the fact that there's no mixing or no mess.
I used a little too much in my crown and my jaw doesn’t seat exactly perfect, but this will work until I get to the dentist. 2) Since the crown in 10+ years old and the enamel has chipped away, can I have the enamel on the front part of the crown changed to fit the new whiter smile I carry 10 years later? Secondly, in the past a lot of children complain about the taste, and some even gagging and throwing up after application of the varnish. My advice is to make sure you slather the product evenly around the tooth and don’t forget to try and remove as much glue as possible. Yes, it did hurt and throb after I did that, but I did this at night before bedtime and now (morning) I feel fine.

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