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Numbers 32:6-7 And Moses said unto the children of Gad and to the children of Reuben, “Shall your brethren go to war, and shall ye sit here? Luke 2:8 And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. What a night it was as these shepherds contemplated the incarnation of the plan of redemption.  Although these were lowly ordinary men, the triune God has saw fit to own the role and work of Shepherding. Have you ever felt as if your faith were so seemingly small compared to others?  Have you ever wondered if your faith was enough to save and carry you through the trials of life on this side of glory? Exodus 4:18 And Moses went and returned to Jethro his father in law, and said unto him, Let me go, I pray thee, and return unto my brethren which are in Egypt, and see whether they be yet alive. Hello my dear friend.  Can you sit with me as we listen in on a very tender conversing of a father and son? Luke 10:34 And went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him. Good day to you my dear friend.  Are you feeling lonely or discouraged with your earthly lot?
These two brothers have caught the spirit of worship and have set their inspired tune to heavenly music. Come listen to these inspired words of great encouragement.  It is a special comfort for those in utter despair of life. LONG MY IMPRISONED SPIRIT LAY FAST BOUND IN SIN AND NATURES NIGHT – THINE EYE DIFFUSED A QUICKENING RAY, I WOKE, THE DUNGEON FLAMED WITH LIGHT, MY CHAINS FELL OFF, MY HEART WAS FREE, I ROSE, WENT FORTH AND FOLLOWED THEE – AMAZING LOVE! It is such a blessing to be in the family of God, but it is not without its challenges and responsibilities. Father, Son, and Spirit, are the Shepherds of our souls.  They are the great Shepherds of the sheep. The son has a strong love for his brethren and is desirous to leave the comfort of his father’s house for their sake.
The mariners that were transporting the apostle were forewarned of their doom but neglected to listen to Pauls prophecy. Now God has revealed more news to the imprisoned apostle. The son has a strong love for his brethren and is desirous to leave the comfort of his fathers house for their sake.
The psalmist was in sweet meditation when he gave heart devotion to the Lord as his Shepherd. Ah, can we not see the Lord Jesus Christ willingly beseeching his Father saying “Let me go, I pray thee”?
It would be unexpected in the Jewish mind to look with favor upon a Samaritan.  They were viewed with great contempt as far from anything holy. Paul is in our text seeking to encourage his captors with this divine revelation of saving news.
Perhaps they are tired of all the fighting and are ready to throw off all spiritual wrestling to settle down in the flesh. Imagine the irresponsibility of a comrade gone AWOL while the bodies of his friends go unprotected from the fiery darts of enemy fire! They have been given the gift of faith and can see Him coming out of the grave as King of all kings! The Lord had previously mentioned how the ship would head out for destruction, but now delivers hope for those aboard the disastrous voyage. It was from before the foundations of the world that the son covenanted to leave his home in glory and come to earth.
Perhaps they have issues with the other members of the twelve tribes and are thus glad to separate from them. The seed does not have power of itself but is dependent upon an external supply of water and nutrients from its creator. We are told that this Samaritan was passing a man that was half dead being the victim of a violent crime. How fitting that we have king Solomon pointing us to the best kind of marital bliss.  He has had many earthly marriages but none can match the heavenly one in Christ! They see Jesus seated at the right hand of God ruling and reigning as one with the everlasting Father.
They have come to see their doom but are here given news about salvation from the wrath of the storm.
While it is quite natural to understand the frustrations and fears of these withdrawal symptoms, there are consequences for yielding to them. As high and lofty as He is, yet He stoops from the glory of heaven to speak to chosen mortals in their own common earthly language. He was robbed, naked, and severely beaten, but not forgotten by the Samaritan.  The priest and the levite passed him by, showing both a lack of compassion and that their religion was vain.

You are thy brothers keeper and your brethren need your help.  Notice the encouragement of heart that your present help will be to your brethren. Your presence will provoke them to love and good works but they will become discouraged by your absence. They were in need of a divine deliverer and it would take a parting of the sea to set them free. Now let us see the determination of these boys as they live amidst the darkness of this world. It is their loving role to provide tender care for the needs of their sheep.  Some church officers may fail, but these shepherds will never leave nor forsake their sheep. Many trials they have pulling them away from a spirit of faith and joyful worship but they refuse to drift away into that sea of despair.
These men have come to see the waves and to hear the crackling of the foundation upon which they stand. Ah what a blessed truth for the sheep of Jesus Christ.  He is sojourning with us in the same country. The Lord Jesus began the good work of giving the gift of faith and He will himself perfect it. Even the best of Gods people have turned like sheep and went astray from holy communion with the Lord.
Oh how foolish it is for sinners to build their homes on sinking sand or the wood hay and stubble of this world!  Nothing of this world can withstand the wrath of God as He causes such sea billows to roll! They may desire to settle down and find carnal rest in this world as they throw off their pursuit of holiness. He will carry this soul seed into fruition.  He will never leave or forsake what he has sown in thy heart. Were we not trodden foot upon such wood hay and stubble to make bricks for Egypt before our regeneration?  While we were dead in our trespasses our deliverer desired to see us alive. These men are left stricken with fear of death and are now forced to bend the knee to the word of God through the mouth of His dear servant.
Were we not trodden foot upon such wood hay and stubble to make bricks for Egypt before our regeneration?   While we were dead in our tress passes our deliverer desired to see us alive. He is in the field that is white unto harvest and He will both provide for and protect His sheep as they labor.
Notice how this seed will not only grow up but will also grow out.  The continuing grace of the Lord Jesus will cause the seed to shooteth out branches. They will sing of the mercies of the Lord.  The Lords mercies are many and they are new every morning! They will see a shadow and long to escape the heat of life in the open air by getting close to such saints.
It was this peace that passed all their understanding that caused their ears to bend towards news of grace. The shadow of Christ will be a cool and refreshing delight as it is cast from the life of that small seed.
Your beloved will bare all your burdens and carry you safely to His heavenly kingdom for an eternal happy honeymoon! What a mercy it is that we have always been provided with all our needs according to His riches in glory! The Lord would not take pleasure in the death of these wicked men, but chose to reveal news of great hope to them in their darkest hour. This difficult christian life does not leave us in the wilderness.  The struggle of sanctification does not leave us in an endless war.  One day it will be all over and we shall cross the Jordan to enter into a promised land that flows with the milk of the word incarnate and the honey of all His grace! Perhaps this is why He took Enoch!  The Lord enjoys walking with all who walk with Him in sweet fellowship. Can you not see Jesus leaving His path of divinity to go to us in the likeness of humanity? He will lead you beside the quiet waters of truth and prepare a table of grace even in the presence of your enemies. Rather then giving the sinner what he deserves for not obeying the first hearing of the word of God, the Lord reaches out a second time with great patience and long suffering towards these sailors. See what manner of love the father has bestowed upon the poor Israelites by sending them a deliverer! There He is living a sinless life on earth to help us. It was His work  to pour the oil and wine of His blood sacrifice upon us. The devil no longer has dominion over us and the gates of hell can not stand as we advance in holiness by grace!
Observe that when all hope is lost and the soul looks all around to find rest with no avail, at last we will always find encouragement in the Lord.

There is a  great joy that is set before us. The Lord Jesus has promised to never leave thee. The shepherd has chosen to purchase His sheep and He has paid a precious price for their souls.
The Lord is standing at the door of thy heart longing to dwell in you!  He does not demand repentance as a mighty warden threatens insubordinate prisoners but chastens those whom He loves to be friends with! He has a vested interest in their perseverance and will accomplish what He purchased with His blood.  Their salvation is secure as they rest under the care of their shepherds. What a difference from the wallowing place of unbelieving swine and the dog that returns to vomit!
Notice also how with the heart man believes and with his tongue he cant help but confess such a faith.  The believer can not keep silent or the rocks would cry out. Do not fret because of the evildoers about you.  Do not allow the devil to snatch the seed of grace. Let all the crashing waves of opposition come, only trust in the providential care of your omnipotent Savior! You shall one day be given the gold ring and the multi colored robe as the fatted calf is slaughtered so that you can make merry forever with your father and the rest of your brethren.
It was not that the father had another worker but that His son returned in great humility and respect for the loving connection that he had with His father. He will not leave you without strength enough to persevere throughout your storm.  Has He not revealed that He will accomplish the good work that He began in you?  Has He not proclaimed that He will carry you safely to His heavenly kingdom?  Has He not revealed through the Holy Ghost that nothing can separate you from the love that He has for you? Now the father can have that relationship with His son that He always desired to have but was hindered by sin. Oh my dear Friend, do not let your circumstances stop you from singing and sharing this wonderful news about Jesus!  It will help you tremendously to be a better witness if your soul is singing about the Jesus that you are seeking to make known to others. One day your life will reflect such a shadow whereby others will be drawn to settle their souls underneath Him also. The Lord does not wish to tolerate His children with patience and long suffering in an everlasting separation of fellowship. He lifted us up out of despair and set us on His white horse that we might be carried to the inn.
It is the marriage unto the God of love that has a great faithfulness for you as His bride. This mercy and faithfulness that you have in Christ is not only good news when you are in good spirits.
Paul believed what God had said and his faith was in the word of the only God who can not lie! Oh, my dear friend in Christ.  Do not allow the pain of your wounds to rob you of the joy in this salvation.
It can make your soul sing for ever in health and sickness, in good times and bad times, rich or poor! Do not allow the devil to rob you of the peace that comes from having the triune God watching over you. That self same divine power and will that planted faith in you will supply all of your needs that you may grow daily in His grace. Let your soul sing today and be determined to not allow anything to pull you away from what you have in Jesus!
Do not focus on the storm but rather focus on He that holds the storm in His hands!  You shall be safe in the arms of Jesus! He does not only say be ye warm and filled without giving us what is necessary for the body.  He will provide all of our needs and carry us to the heavenly inn.
Be still my dear friend and you will hear Him knocking at the door of thy heart.  Open up the door for the King of Glory desires to dwell at your house today!  He has shed His blood for all your sin and now longs to enjoy the eternal relationship that He has secured for your soul. It is His kindness that we were not left dead in sin and it is His faithful compassion that will continue to care for us while He is away. He wants to have this special relationship with you and has paid a very costly price to enable a holy reunion.
They will carry you safely through your night to a heavenly kingdom where there will be no more darkness at all!

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