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In this thirst step you will start to draw more of the "loop pedal lines" to form a nice shape and structure to the flower. I already submitted a tutorial on a rose but I thought it would be cool drawing a much better and more detailed rose. This flower whether black, red, yellow, pink or white, really gained recognition in the Victorian era when folks decided to put meanings behind flowers, almost like a type of communication method.
Add the lining to shape out and draw the bud bed that the rose sits in and then begin thickening the stem and leaf branches as shown.

You will finish off the pedal lining as shown and then start adding detail and definition to the leaves by adding dash like lines. Color in your finished work and you have just completed this tutorial on how to draw a black rose. Roses became the most popular flower to convey emotions and the black rose was never a “thought of” type of flower.
Instead the black rose flower is more deep red than black, so because of that we have labeled this color rose black. And because of that, the black rose was used as a way to express bereavement, loss and mortality.

You see some believe that the black rose also sometimes signifies the start of something new.
Another cool fact about the rose is that it is the most commonly used piece of art that people use to place on their bodies as a tattoo.
I didn't color the flower black because in all reality they are not black at all they are deep red.

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