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So before you pull out a credit card and join one of these sites you can feel confident you know what you’re getting yourself into. Some of our contributors have found the Thai girl of thier dreams and are passing along how they got there. Unfortunately, one thing you quickly realize is that money, or more accurately, Thai perceptions of how much money foreigners have, draws the scam artists, prostitutes, psychos, hopeless cases, and Thai girls who want to escape poverty at any cost. Some sites police this very strictly and will ban any member who looks like they’re not on the up and up.
We try to help you pick the right site for you and give you the warning signs to look out for.
What does it say about a girl who posts a bunch of pictures of herself in a nice hotel room? Discover the insider secrets before you waste your time with a girl who isn’t a good fit for you. We’ve spent time on all of the major Thai dating websites and there are definitely pros and cons on each site.
There are definitely a lot of cultural, language, and other issues that you need to take into consideration.

We give you the inside scoop of what you can expect to find on all the Thai dating websites and markets they cater to. Each site has its own flavor based on how they market, how well they screen members, and how well known they are. We’ve even used the non-dating websites like Facebook, Hi5, and (way back in the day) MySpace.
Regardless of whether you’re looking for a lifelong companion or someone to have dinner with next Friday night, we try to steer you in the right direction, give you tips and advice, and warn you about possible pitfalls along the way. Some sites are more popular Bangkok girls and girls in the urban centers and some are more popular with girls from the villages. So before you reach into your wallet and pay some Thai dating site a membership fee, read through this site and arm yourself with the information you need to make sure that you’re actually going to get what you pay for.
Our social group refers to this woman (very, very quietly) as the Washing Machine, because she's always agitating. You don't have to feel the self-consciousness or the embarrassment that others might try to put on you, or that you put on yourself! While some people only have a short time together before they divorce, there are the couples who have decades together before they decide that divorce is the only option.

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