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Obviously these would all have enhanced versions, but I think for basics they should all be his classic moves, as he was always a fun player to use. RE: ThePredator151s - Big Raiden ThreadHonestly, I never really cared for the character design up until Deadly Alliance.
For his more elaborate basics, I wouldn't mind one bit if it looked and felt like MKvsDC Raiden. I would shit a brick if they got his teleport to look like it did in the MKD Intro [00:50 seconds in {see "electric shield" for link}]. I've thought about the radioactive properties of real lightning and maybe having one of his fatalities melt the opponent.
JinCA Wrote:As far as his moves, I really hope his projectile looks more like electric bolts shooting from his hands like his original projectiles did and not just some stupid lightning ball, who ever heard of a lightning ball? What I find interesting about this is how you're humanizing him, not so much that you're humanizing him. He's always kind of played the wise mentor and protector to earthrealm and the warriors of light. For Raiden, I'm looking to see him make choices based on the greater good of things no matter what.
I also kinda think giving him dimension like this would allow more people to get a rounder sense of Dark Raiden too.
RE: ThePredator151s - Big Raiden ThreadY'know, I'm open to more different types of fatalities for him because his fatalities have always sucked so hard. RE: ThePredator151s - Big Raiden ThreadI wouldn't mind seeing some sort of his Deadly Alliance secondary costume returning.
RE: ThePredator151s - Big Raiden ThreadRegarding moves, I think it's strange that Nightwolf has one where he calls down lightning from the sky and Raiden doesn't. 3.) Achilles Bolt - As the opponent falls, Raiden cocks back and blasts the opponent across the screen in dramatic fashion.
3.) Atlas Clap - Raiden uses a new move "Thunder Clap" to send the opponent hurling across the screen and into the lightning bolt that he threw earlier. 4.) Achilles Bolt - As the opponent flies back towards Raiden, he cocks back and blasts the opponent across the screen in dramatic fashion.
1.) Raiden Graps you by the neck like his MKvsDC move, except he doesn't electrocute you first.
2.) The camera zooms in on the opponents feet for some strange reason, until we realize what's actually happening.
3.) In slow motion, the camera pans up as it looks like the opponent is being pulled up-right beyond their own will. 4.) In that same camera pan, we see Raiden reforming from a now obvious teleport right next to the opponents legs.
5.) As Raiden reforms, the opponent is dragged to their feet while shaking, and the camera pans up to an upper body screen-shot.
6.) To finish, Raiden cocks back and blasts the opponent across the screen in dramatic fashion. Now, I like Thor and all but (really, I feel strong enough about the character to have actually worn sigs and stuff with him in it.), I hate it when I can tell where the base of a concept came from. He should be as quick as they come, with lightning speed attacks, but have them deal low in damage. I'm thinking having the electricity surge through their muscles and having them spasm and even tear etc. He runs at the opponent and does his superman which looks as if he was just a surge of electricity.
I hope they make him as decent as I know they will, because each character has looked fantastic in this game, and hopefully he gets all his iconic looks and moves back. They took some chances with the classic formula and came up with a winner, so I'm a little bummed they decided to take a step back.
If you were around since the beginning of time, wouldn't you know everything there is to know about fighting?
This calls a bolt of lightning to his staff, and the way the staff is positioned in his hand, it sends that bolt at the opponent.

You figure with power over one of the most violent forces in nature the ideas associated with weilding such a power can't be lost on anyone. Even though he has electricity, bolts of lightning and so on, I like him being a medium speed sort of character. I'm interested to see if he has any reaction to who and what he'd become if it all transpired. I feel like if there is no reaction from the characters to the things that they go through, then why even bother with taking them through these dramatic situations in the first place. If that makes him look like a bad guy, and the other characters in the game frown on him for some of his choices, so be it. The notion that he is or could be evil is appealing, but at the same time it's kinda aggravating that more people don't grasp on to the concept quite right.
What's up with that? From the videos I've been watching today, it seems like a lot of characters have counters. I don't quite understand why we have to have these sorts of preconceived notions of what i god looks like. I'm actually kind of happy to see folks like Vincent Proce take liberties like he did with his Raiden sketch. We finally see that Raiden has been the one pulling them up-right, and shocking the crap out of them the whole time. It had a very thin look to it, which I really liked in comparison to the bulky models of before.
It's a bit hard to come up with different outfits for Raiden, so I am not sure what else to add.
He should be a distance player as well, relying on his specials ad whatnot to aid him in battle, but he can do hand to hand quite well if he's forced to. Raiden should definitely play up the ashes effect rather than the explosion, at least for one of his fatalities.
The opponent screams in terror as they are being fried to death, and their clothes begin to catch fire around Raiden's hands(think Green Mile). Make it a huge inner conflict within him, and have him question himself, and have the plot be him trying to find out what is right for Earthrealm and whatnot. I can only assume there must be something on the programming side of things that's keeping them from giving it back to us. Show me some audacity, some finesse, and at times, show me a nonchalant master of martial arts from Raiden.
But when it comes right down to it I guess, the most spectacular you're gonna get from a fatality is probably an explosion of some sort.
I don't like the "ball of lightning" either and, understanding the behavior really doesn't help me like the ball of lightning more either.
He should be a distance player as well, relying on his specials and whatnot to aid him in battle, but he can do hand to hand quite well if he's forced to.
I think the inference of speed is given to him through moves like his teleport and the torpedo.
Aside from this, I think it gives the creators an excuse to play with more interesting moves for him. All sorts of mythology has gods that make mistakes but, to show a god assess things, try to correct something, then reassess, and then reflect on his actions would certainly be something I'd welcome.
It's obvious that the game will open with Shao Kahn about to deliver the death blow to Dark Raiden(at least it fuckin better). Would he understand his actions, and maybe implement some of the "tough love" Dark Raiden was delivering? One of my favorites. As long as his teleport moves stays, then there's no need to worry about his moves for me. Liu has the flaming teleport, Cage has one that leads to his X-ray, and Sub Zero obviously has his freeze one. When it comes to Raiden, what made them go right for a Thor-ish look in that alt, knowing people would associate him with that god? I don't particularly like his version of Raiden much at all but, I appreciate that he tried to make Raiden into his own kind of god character.

This is where we'd see the organs being fried, heart rate speeding up exponentially, and so on. I could see him having a dark Raiden attire, which WOULD look cool, but I don't know how appropriate it would be for this era.
Given that his specials are for the most part ranged attacks, or from a sweep distance, it's only logical to make him a mid-ranged based character. Of course they could include a Superman to start it off, to crack a few ribs, but then lead into the electricity in their muscles from there. As he does this, the opponent turns towards the camera, which only his side was seen previously.
He then sends a whole surge of lightning at the staff which goes into their chest and blows it right open sending blood everywhere. He'd have Pai Mei's attitude during their actual fight scene [3:15sec on] at times, for instance. I think it would be interesting for him to(in addition to seeing what will transpire) see what type of being he has become. I can completely understand wanting to keep him a good guy, and even if they want to maintain this mentor thing that they have going for him since MK2 or so. I hope they make him really cool this time. Alternately, give him the same effect for his fatality, except the opponent's heart explodes, leaving a large hole right through the chest. I love teleporting characters. Story wise, humph, I actually liked his story in Deception. I think Raiden should have one where he electrifies himself for a moment so you can't touch him.
I think that picture carries that same sort of "godly" sentiment as the Thor alternate costume from MKDA-A and, it has it's own authenticity. I've never seen a character designed similarly as that and i think they should take advantage of this kind of opportunity. It should look and feel as though the things that he does might be akin to a real-life martial arts style.
I hope they give him something similar to his MK4 or DA finishers where the electrocution looks very visually spectacular and the body blackens to a crisp. But at the same time, adding another dimension to him like this would make him a better character.
I liked the dark Raiden that we saw and I hope it returns with this knowing that Raiden's going to see what will come about with this vision. This is another game that's going to revolve around him and I like when he's more important to the story rather than a different character. I always like playing as this character, I'm really anxious what he's going to do.
Raiden keeps it going as they just fall into ashes on the ground, leaving bits of bone, including a portion of the skull, and pieces of cloth on the ground.
He can stop a person by electrocuting the crap out of them all because he placed the realms in danger, well, let's see what his next move is going to be in with this game. Raiden is partially covered in the ashes as he poses, with lightning surging across his body and into his finger. Sounds elaborate, but actual in game time it'd last for about the duration of Kung's Buzzsaw. The loser would fall to his knees in defeat and await death(old school kung fu movie style). Raiden simply puts his hand on top of his head, and we see electricity coarse through the loser's body(putting the new x ray feature to work).
Screaming, spasm, and the loser's head eventually bursting into flames, would be a good way to tie it all up.

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