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Check out the cool snake tattoos presented here that are notable for their striking appearance.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. You see…what you’re about to discover is how to blow away every other tattoo package out there away, simply because we are the largest tattoo collection there is online and we keep on giving you tattoo designs for the rest of your life! Raven, the black birds often associated with negativity and even death, is a popular tattoo subject especially among men.
The compass is one of the most innovative and striking tattoo design that you will ever come across.
Whether you are a man or a woman, the compass tattoos presented here will work wonders to enhance your personal look. Although often associated with a sense of darkness, danger and allure, it can have many positive meanings as well and can be worn by both sexes. These creative tattoos can carry deep symbolic value as the raven is one of the few symbols that can represent both the good and the bad in a person. Snakes were considered as important, virtuous creatures in many cultures of ancient times, and have inspired countless myths, legends, stories, fables and folklores. I created this collection for ordinary people just like you and me who are sick and tired of being kicked around by the big Tattoo Design Firms that charge you up to $50 per design!

They have been a major hit among sailors since earliest times, and even various cultures and societies of the world, such as the Celts and the Spaniards used to sport them as well. The snake or the serpent is associated with sin, temptation and evil in Bible, who is ultimately held responsible for the fall of man. But, that does not mean that these tattoos cannot symbolize the good attributes in one’s character.
They were instruments that were essential to navigate the sea, and so compass tattoos have been frequently associated protection, security and good luck. However, the snake is also associated with wisdom, knowledge, fertility and healing as well as the qualities of patience, power and protectiveness. In many ancient cultures, ravens were believed to carry dark secrets and possess magical powers. Compass tattoos may be of various types, such as the nautical star, the prismatic star, the rose compass, etc. In occult and mystical knowledge, the snake Ouroboros is associated with regeneration and eternity. On this Web page we have compiled few of simple yet great looking Matching Sister tattoos for siblings to ink on their skin permanently to share more interests and bonding. Native Americans considered these birds to symbolize balance while Roman and Greek mythologies associate them with Apollo and Athena.

These tattoos can be sported in various ways, and other accessories like ribbons, flowers, maps, stars, the globe and anchor may accompany the design as well.
Other attributes associated with snake tattoos include transformation, cycles of life, awareness and death. Here we have sorted out some of the best Eagle Feather tattoo artworks that will look great on your body skin. This site features some popular compass tattoo designs from which you can choose one that fits your style perfectly. They can also be very colorful, and popular shades include red, black, yellow, green and orange. A snake tattoo can sometimes be accompanied by the image of a skull, to give it a more gothic look.

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