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Normally, tattoo artists separate a leg on three main tattooing areas: the thigh, leg and foot. The front of the thigh is an amazing zone to have a stylish graphic tattoo (as the vintage elephant on the photo). Simple combination of abstract pattern with beautiful flower buds is an excellent choice for a tattoo on a leg. The dreamcatcher, a signage which comes from native American, is overwhelmingly loved by girls as it’s cute and meaningful. Orchid Flower tattoosThe flower of orchid can be seen very often in the tattoo world and its meaning is connected mostly with the depiction and underlining of female traits and senses.
In Chinese culture orchid is the symbol of ideal or perfect human and this flower is known as the attribute of the reclusive teaching and symbolizes love and famine. Costa Rica is considered to be the place of birth for orchids, and the quantity and variety of forms represent 30000 species. Orchid flower tattoo on the female body means sexuality and love for passionate and vivid life. So orchid flower tattoos are ranked among the most beautiful and various tattoo designs and are known to be extremely popular among both – males and females. Usually, it’s not the first tattoo for one to get a tattoo on the leg as it is normally not as visible for everybody as arm.
This place is convenient because if you want you can always hide it wearing jeans or closed footwear. This tattoo looks elegant and feminine and can be done either in color or in black and white ink. This may be everything starting from a musical notes and ending with the instrument or microphone. Having won the hearts of many people with its mystery and richness of meaning, now Chinese characters even have their haters.

This very extravagant and picturesque tattoo style was created by two artists from Germany – Volko Merschky and Simone Plaff.
These tattoos often created by freehand technique, meaning tattoo artist draws them without the original sketch using only personal imagination. Tattoo that goes from foot to the leg is perfect for such sketches with a lot of smooth lines. Recently owls gained enormous popularity among girls, and it is the front of the thigh that became a favorite place for the application of this tattoo. This flower is considered to possess the ultimate beauty and this beauty is often the symbol of different orchid flower tattoo designs.
More of that, as shamans say, it is the symbol of female energy and strength and also the talisman against inability. To many cultures orchid is extremely symbolic, but orchid is known as the most important flower mainly for Asian cultures.
Leg tattoos are loved by girls and women as they look cool and sexy if they are carefully designed.
Most of the time for creation of a bow tattoo artist will choose bright, almost neon shades.
And if girls would rather choose to tattoo beautiful birds, flowers or colorful butterflies, guys will probably prefer compass, cars or wild animals. Classical Chicano tattoo is created in black and grey ink and depicts beautiful girls, money, cars, weapons and religious symbols.
However, with the original approach, you can get a pretty unusual tattoo, as in the photo above. They usually characterized trash polka as a combination of nature and abstract, realism and trash, past, present and future – all in one. To make the text tattoo not boring, you can tattoo it with a sheet of paper or flowers, compass, clock, etc., depending on the meaning of text.

However, this part of the body needs an enhanced care while healing and because this zone of a leg regenerates fast, tattoo here may require further correction. It is not rare that orchid flower tattoo designs are symbolizing richness and life without any worries.
In Vietnam according to the lunar calendar, orchid is flourishing the day before the New Year, after what the spring comes. Orchid can be seen in many parts of the world because it can grow in many different climates, but mostly often it can be found in the tropical part of the world.
This flower became a real pearl of the plant world and can symbolize the understanding of rarity or rare beauty.
That is why orchid flower tattoo designs are made to resemble spring, and also youth and elegancy.
It is considered that the orchid flower in the flower composition gives it the smell of passion.
In Fang Shui this flower became the symbol of tenderness and its presence in the house means that there are no problems between the couple. In ancient Greek mythology orchids were connected with Orchis god, in his hands they became the symbol of fertility and beauty and love. Orchid flower tattoo designs are very different because in real life orchids have different colors or even color combinations, so the tattoos usually are vivid and picturesque.
Sometimes the orchid flower tattoo design can contain the species of live nature – leaves, other flowers and plants, insects such as, for example, butterfly. Flower tattoos representing orchid cannot leave anyone calm because of their rare beauty and exotic look.

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