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Dolphins are widely recognised as extremely intelligent mammals, rather like humans but in an underwater world. Pisces Tattoos: The Pisces sign of the zodiac is represented by two dolphins, and therefore makes a popular tattoo design for anyone born between February 20 and March 20. Cultural Significance: Dolphins play a huge role in Celtic belief, associated with the power of water that allows us to rejuvenate. The Popularity of Dolphin Tattoos: This kind of tattoo is extremely popular on women, showing beauty and grace of the dolphin itself.
If you are a fan of nature, and of water in particular, then choosing a dolphin tattoo design is a great way to represent this side of yourself. The dolphin is an animal popular for tattoos with a long history as a powerful image in the coastal and marine cultures.
Mythical speech, the dolphin has long been associated with mermaids and other sea creatures all, even though it was never as dangerous as many other creatures of the deep. The playful dolphins was from ancient times, sailors as they glide across the bow wave in front of their boats, or playing in waters known of the observed vessels. Perhaps the defining characteristic of dolphins in the cultural consciousness, it is freedom. Today, dreams featuring dolphins represent the dreamer’s relationship with the people and things around him.
But perhaps what really makes dolphins appeal to humans is the majesty and intelligence they possess—their mystical ability to relate to our moods and feelings.
All in all, dolphins are emblems of strength, dignity, freedom, playfulness, grace, and joy. Native Americans see the dolphin as a kind and wise animal, sending messages from deep within ourselves.
However, dolphins are also popular in a wide range of situations as a way of remaining ourselves of the free spirit that lies within all of us.
You will now begin sketching out the shape of the dolphins body starting with the head, nose, and simple looking fin.
Finish sketching out the rest of the dolphin's body, and then the dorsal fins, and tail fin. Now before you start following this step to draw the flower, it is time to decide if this is the type of floral design you would like for your tattoo. Now you can draw some pretty looking swirl and tentacle shapes that you see here which should actually act like the step of the flower.

Dolphins are quite unique in its symbolic value, as long sailor who loved them for their role (real or imagined) to save drowning sailors. The playful dolphin has a modern element, like most people interact with dolphins in the context of marine parks and others. This is another interesting quality in the search for a tattoo as a symbol of dreams and hope.
The popularity of tattoos celtic knot and the link between the Celtic folklore and dolphins have a large number of Celtic tribal tattoo with a dolphin. This intangible connection makes dolphins reliable therapeutic agents for the handicap and other individuals suffering from depression. Immortalizing these great personalities on your skin is best done by brandishing dolphin tattoos.
When we see dolphins in our dreams they are widely regarded as a positive image, bringing with them messages of hope.
The dolphin is probably one of the more popular animals to get inked on your skin especially if you're from somewhere tropical, and you're a woman. Start by drawing the shape of a rock, and then draw an outline of a lemon slice that is attached to the previous shape you drew.
Color in the drawing, or tale the finished sketch to your local tattoo parlor for your inking session. Dolphins are very popular in modern culture, as some of the most intelligent and social animals, which all too often the human level close to the intelligence and social cohesion.
When a marine animal kindness, dolphins have been (and they have inhabited the sea), she was often in a state of sin or a crime is guilty or absolution to those who need to offer. Dolphins seem happy beings but also for family dynamics and strong, well-developed sense of the game which makes a tattoo attractive for people who possess these properties.
As in the style of the art of Maori tattoos on the body are often used as the dolphin was a common image in the Pacific island cultures. With the various design options and meanings underlying this tattoo, you are sure to find one that matches your taste and lifestyle.
As they believe that water refreshes a person from past troubles, dolphin tattoos symbolize rebirth—the passing of a former life to welcome a better one. Thus, dolphin tattoos often bear the inscription “some beach… somewhere” to represent the sense of freedom and lightheartedness these creatures exude. Dolphins are indeed good companions to have, and it comes as no surprise that many people choose pay tribute to these animals by immortalizing them in dolphin tattoos.

Dolphins are one of the smartest mammals swimming in the ocean today, and they are even friendly to humans they never even met before.
If not, choose a flow you would like in the back ground and begin sketching out the pedals in the same size as the ones you see here. Draw an eye on your dolphin, and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Dolphins are among the few animals that transmitted the cultural, commercial use with sleeves fishing techniques and even tools, how they interact with their colleagues.
This symbol of rebirth, in a moral or spiritual, has become even more pronounced, with dolphins as the agent of regeneration.
The symbolic qualities of dolphins tend to their nature, playfulness, loyalty and intelligence, all the attributes evaluated in the house of man.
And at the same time the fish were the killer whales, dolphins and other marine mammals is a very important symbol in Native American cultures in the Pacific Northwest and northeast.
Because dolphins are closely linked to the sea and sailors, they are part of a long tradition of maritime tattoos, which are among the oldest traditions of the western tattoos.
For the Chinese, the image of a pair of dolphins represents the harmony underlying the yin-yang philosophy. I drew it because it was requested by one of my cousins who was looking for a nice dolphin design that she could take to the tattoo parlor.
In addition, these sea creatures have often been associated with the image of Jesus Christ. Not only that but, I was also told that the design should be original so that the chances of somebody else having the same tattoo, are fairly low. If you want to ensure that your design is original, your best bet is to have somebody draw what you're looking for from scratch, or order a design that you can print out online from a tattoo online store. I have to bounce out of here for now, so enjoy yourself as you learn "how to draw a dolphin tattoo", step by step. Remember to be creative and add your own personal touches to customize the design to your liking.

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