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Dragons have been an important element of mythology for many cultures, from Europe all the way clear across to China, and even in aboriginal Australia (the great myth of the Rainbow Serpent). You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Dragons also have wings, while some dragons didna€™t have wings but their height is quite long. You can get a great new dragon design tattoo that will show off your connection to this great mythical beast.

So, get inked up with this great cold blooded dinosaur survivor today, and show the world you’re not to be taken lightly! Some peoples who want to be leader, independent and powerful go for a dragon tattoo on their body part.
Chinese people believed that a child is strong, active, bad-tempered, mulish and emotional if takes birth in the year of dragon.
Dragons united the earthbound and airborne creatures and represent the strength of earth and heaven.

In old time, dragons have been found in a large number, but at present there are no dragons.
Chinese people also use image of dragon as a national emblem and supposed that the water bodies have been controlled by the dragon.

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