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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. The dragon and tiger tattoos are among the most popular Buddhist symbolic tattoos carrying a deep inner meaning. There has always been a huge demand for oriental themed body art and Asian dragons in particular have proved to be a big favorite with male tattoo enthusiasts in particular however now dragon tattoos for women seem to be equally popular in the 21st century.
This mythological creature has featured in the legends and folklore of differing cultures from one end of the globe to the other for centuries and its symbolism various considerably from one to the other. Among the most popular placement areas for dragon tattoos for women are the shoulder, upper back, nape of the neck, side, ankle and foot.
In days gone by, female tattoo fans tended to opt for subtle, discrete images tucked away on a small surface of skin, buried under layers of clothing but in the past decade, women’s tattoos have become as big and bold as their male counterparts.
In Asian countries such as Japan and China these were revered creatures associated with luck, protection, good fortune and even fertility so in this respect oriental dragon tattoos for women are much more benign than their malevolent Western depictions.

These are often colorful creations in a multitude of bright vivid ink colors however they also make an equally stunning impact in a single dark ink-color, which are as effective in their simplicity as other more elaborately detailed and convoluted designs. Tiger symbol stands for the circle overcoming the line and vice versa as the Dragon is known to attack its enemies in a circular fashion while the Tiger pounces on its prey in a straightforward manner.
This includes their choice of placement area which is no longer concealed out of sight, as these are as often as not now in prominent locations where they can be displayed with pride. Across Europe, dragons were portrayed as ferocious, war-like monsters that terrorized villagers, leaving a devastating trail of death and destruction in their paths. While green and red are popular ink colors for Western-style dragons, like most body art designs these can be colored to suit the individual’s personal tastes and preferences. So, the Dragon and the Tiger are considered as oppositional symbols, representing balance and duality achieved through equalizing the opposite forces.
This is a very versatile image that can be scaled to fit different skin surfaces on a variety of differing body parts however, as these are often very detailed designs they are best placed on a medium to large canvas of skin for best effect.

Many body art designs still illustrate dragons with wings and breathing fire like those depicted in medieval manuscripts and art but this could simply be a metaphorical symbol for the ongoing battle of good against evil, particularly during the Crusades when the entire future of Christianity was deemed to be under threat. The Dragon and Tiger symbolism can be compared to the interpretation of the Yin-Yang symbol. Some of the multi-colored ink designs available today are truly breathtaking and make a strong visual impact when inked on the female torso such as the back or side. Today this is a potent symbol for more positive connotations associated with protection, wisdom, strength and courage as well as symbolizing raw energy and powerful forces.
There are even designs tat extend over a variety of different body parts with the head resting on say the shoulder while the neck extends onto the collar bone and its body wraps around the rib cage for a more elaborate tattoo.

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