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Dragonfly tattoos have something mystical about them, they have a fairy tale quality that can be quite beautiful, but in a more offbeat way than a fairy or butterfly image. Change and rebirth: a dragonfly lives in the water as a nymph before it splits out of his larval skin to become the beautiful insect we all know. Dragonfly tattoo designs can easily be given a bold tribal look that’s quite masculine. Photographic wings: you can combine dragonfly tattoos with portrait tattoos by inserting a portrait into the wings.
Sequential dragonflies: you can put some movement in your tattoo by having a series of dragonflies flying on your back, legs, arms, or somewhere where there is a decent length of space. Tag-along dragonfly: you can incorporate other flying creatures into your design that tag along with the dragonfly.
A different angle: most people think of dragonflies having a body with two wings on each side. Psychedelic wings: if you are a fan of color, you could get creative with the color pattern on the wings. Most dragonfly tattoo designs are small enough that you can have them tattooed on your ankle, wrist, or foot.
It’s easy to get dragonfly tattoo ideas by going into a tattoo parlor ans asking to see flash designs. One thing many people worry about is how they will build on a small dragonfly tattoo if they decide they want a larger tattoo later on. Choose from the strikingly colorful dragonfly tattoos that are presented in this site as they will definitely suit your artistic temperament. Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below. Dragonfly tattoos come in various shapes and sizes, some opt for a small sexy secret dragonfly around the lower back area, others create large artworks to pay tribute to the free spirit and gentile the dragonfly represents.
The dragonfly represents living and owning two realms, it has the freedom of the air and the comfort of the water to fall back on.

Tattoos with meaning are not as popular as they once where, but the dragonfly tattoo is bringing new meanings to the table everyday. In my opinion there is no distinct meaning to the dragonfly tattoo, other tattoos with meaning limit themselves to one golden rule. While there are designs out there that do scream 19 year old sorority girl, there are also some that can be taken in a whole different direction. They are about the size that we would imagine a fairy to be, with beautiful, gossamer wings. They can be words that represent something significant in your life, like your children's names or a poem written in the wings. Note that you will have to get a fairly large tattoo to do this because of the detail, but it should be worth the space. You could have the dragonfly growing to represent growth in your life, or you could just have several of them whimsically floating around. You do not always have to go with a top view though, Get a profile of the dragonfly instead, and you might be able to get a little more creative with its placement. There are lots of small tattoo designs that you can choose from, but the dragonfly tattoo is a favorite choice for many first timers. You can also integrate dragonflies with other design elements to create a larger piece – there are even full back designs that use dragonflies extensively. You can also get lots of ideas online – you’ll find a plethora of great designs by talented artists from all over the world! Even if you only start out with a small dragonfly, you can let your imagination run wild and add to it over time. It opens up countless possibilities for artwork and really lets the creator run free with ideas.
Some believe it represents complete freedom, others believe that it means you should seek out new possibilities that you have never seen before. The true beauty of the dragonfly is that it is what you make it and after all life is what you make it.

Unlike a fairy, dragonfly tattoos are not categorically feminine, they have a universal appeal. This is perfect if you want the creature to be approaching a flower or something along those lines.
It’s a classic design that won’t take up much space on your body, but that will always get you plenty of compliments!
Most people stick with the smaller designs, though… they’re easy to cover up when necessary, but colorful enough that they attract plenty of attention! Of course, you can always draft your own dragonfly tattoo ideas to give to your tattoo artist, so that you can be sure of getting a truly unique piece of body art. They are also related to the element of water, and like any water being, they symbolize the dreaming or the subconscious mind.
Almost like living in a special aura or fantasy which in turn frees up the wearers inner child and creativity.
They believe that in many cases the dragonfly looks after people, young or old, male or female it doesn’t matter. In occult and spiritual doctrines, the dragonfly stands between the mundane and the mystical worlds.
Native Americans believe that the dragonfly should inspire you to always chase – your dreams, your needs, your hopes and wishes.
The flight of the dragonfly is linked with the fluttering of semiconscious thoughts that occur within us all the time. Having such a rich symbolic significance, the dragonfly is an immensely popular tattoo symbol. Dragonfly tattoos are sometimes combined with other images as well, such as flowers or stars to carry additional meanings.

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