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Throughout the history of man and well into the ages that predate written history itself, human beings have chosen to ornament their bodies with tattoos of drawings of a  cross as cultural symbols and as a sign of reverence for a Higher Power. Outside of cultural and religious reasons, some people decide to get a drawing of the Christian cross tattoo to memorialize a significant event in their personal lives.
However, the cross drawing is a powerful symbol that has many meanings beyond one's religious beliefs, and a person's reasons for getting a cross tattoo are often profoundly personal.
While most body art that individuals choose to get today are chosen for more personal reasons, cross tattoo drawings remain one segment of the tattoo world where people sometimes choose to decorate their bodies with designs of something larger than their personal experiences. Butterflies are often added to the Christian cross because they can be a symbol of Jesus Christ rising from the cross.
Such cross drawings are frequently combined with a number of other symbols, such as flowers, praying hands or a written message like "only the good die young." Others incorporate the icon of the Christian cross into a tattoo with elements such as cultural iconography to express how they view themselves as members of a larger society.
These swirling knots are very common in Celtic body art, and they really help to give the Irish Cross its recognizable appearance. No matter what type of cross you choose to have tattooed onto yourself you can integrate it with other symbols and motifs to make your tattoo truly personal.

Even if you are an absolute beginner, you can have this simple penguin drawing ready very quickly. Penguins are one of the easiest animals to draw because of their relatively simple body shape. Draw the outer contours of the beak as you see on the picture and draw the eye ellipse sitting on the curved line. Notice that the wings line a€“ they look more like hands than wings a€“ continues naturally from the original (border) line between belly and the back. Now, use a softer pencil (B4 or B6) and outline the contours of the penguin as you see here.
Leave a small white spot inside of the eye iris as light reflection so that it looks more natural.
Pencil sketch of Rose May 16, 16 02:23 AMLittle did I know I was able to draw till I drew this. Quite often, people choose to get these tattoo pictures in recognition of the untimely death of a loved one.

Many people have different meanings for the Celtic cross, but most say that the center circle is a symbol on eternity. For those who want to present a more patriotic look in their ink using a flag as the backdrop for your cross tattoo drawing is a possibility. From the lower part of the head circle draw a continuous curved line to the bottom of the body.
Let's explore some of the most popular to determine if they are the right tattoo picture choice for you. This is a fairly traditional cross, but it features a circle at the intersection of the two lines. In the 1960's it became popular with surfers, and today it has become a symbol of the biker lifestyle.

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