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Now add another point in the very middle of the line and then nudge that point down 1 block. To finish the M, again with the Pen Tool (P) add 3 new points but move only the middle one down. For the other letters it's pretty much the same, use the Pen Tool (P) and use the same technique we used for the M. With the Eraser Tool (E) erase the part of character M on the top right corner where the effect wasn't looking really nice with the milk spalsh.
For each character we will use a different photo, that way the effect will look more convincing. Paste the image in the photoshop document then with the Magic Wand Tool (W) select the black area of the image and delete it. As we used different images and some of them had some color variations, such as the images over the M and L. To create the Depth of Field effect, just copy a part of one of those images that have quite a few drops and paste in the document, in my case I used the top right corner of the image used in the step 15.
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Alright guys, I will show you right now how to make a simple masking effects tutorial in Photoshop CS5 by iapdesign.  Actually this tutorial is kinda easy to do, you just need to be creative and enjoy what you are doing.

So here it comes the masking effect, hover your mouse in the middle of the the Splat layer and the Stock layer while pressing Alt then click it with your left mouse. Very cool effect, really opens up some interesting possibilities– many thanks for sharing, sir!
Now I will show you how to create a nice effect I saw a few months ago on DeviantArt that is a text mixed with some milk splashes. Instead of wasted my time looking for the perfect font, I decided to create it in Illustrator. Then select the Rectangle Tool (M) and create 2 squares and 2 rectangels like the image below. Make the area much higher like the image below and then with the Eraser Tool (E) use a very soft brush and delete the bottom of the milk splahs until you have a very smooth transition. A splat brushes, there are so many splat brush you can choose just look at the deviant art. Color correction, multicam editing and other unique functions enable you to turn creative, high-quality ideas into reality. Download Movie Edit Pro Plus for free and make your movie a blockbuster thanks to the stylish templates. So the first steps I will show you how to create the font and then in the others, in Photoshop, I will show you how to mix that with the photos. The idea is basicaly to learn how to mix the milk splashes with the vector text and make them look real.

Also you will find very useful tutorials for the most used applications out there, with a special selection of Photoshop Tutorials and Illustrator Tutorials.
In addition to that, the best images get selected and published on the Daily Inspiration series here on Abduzeedo. Also with the Stamp Tool (S) paint the parts where you can see the glass, the idea is to hide the glass and leave just the milk parts. Increase the Black Input until you have almost a black background, then with the Magic Wand Tool (W) select and delete the background of the splash image. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and let me know if you have suggestions for this or other tutorials.
You can toggle the preview monitor between different 3D formats and make 3D edits directly. Tip: use the [ and ] to increase or reduce the Eraser size, it's very important to delete the right areas to make the effect more realistic.

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