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Egyptian culture is really important as a part of tattoo because it is known that tattoos are originated from egyptian time and  culture it is really hard to find this kind of tattoo lu- egyptian tattoo ideas.
Because they were found carved in stone in temples and the tombs of pharaohs, the hieroglyphs were thought to contain the kind of mystical wisdom and knowledge needed to negotiate the journey from this life to the next. Hieroglyphs were generally written from right to left, although left to right worked just as well, as did top to bottom. The ancient Egyptians banked heavily on the fact that tattoos are a source for beautification of the human body. These Egyptian tattoo designs consisting of elaborate dot and dash patterns were often used to represent the ceremonies or fertility rites. Though the ancient Egyptian tattooing art is not popular in the present Egypt it gained so much popularity in the western countries like United States and other parts of North America.
The Egyptian culture consisted of Gods which were visualized to be half-human or half-animal. The other things in ancient Egypt were also made as tattoo designs like sphinxes, scarabs, phoenixes, and cats which were derived from ancient Egyptian magic amulets like modified crosses called ankhs, the eye of Horus, cobras and birds.
Many of the ancient Egypt sculptures, the pyramids and the tomb excavations made Egypt very much popular these days and there are even many Hollywood films that are based on the ancient Egyptian cultures like the mummies, etc.
These Egyptian tattoo designs also have challenged the tattoo artistes of the present days with its very intricate designs.
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The first evidence of tattoos  was found on mummies dating from 2000 BC and  many women of ancient Egypt.
Based on simple pictures of well-known objects, this writing system is one of the oldest in the world.

But breaking the hieroglyphic code was complicated by a Western notion that the characters in this colorful 'alphabet' were symbolic rather than phonetic.
The direction the glyphs faced - a bird looking left, for example - showed the reader how to proceed. The tattoo designs of the ancient Egypt have came up as a separate category of art which is tattoo art and also it became a visual artifact in the mid eastern archive. Besides using these tattoos for beautification they also had some religious and civil reasons. A survey reports that North America has over 45 million people with one or more tattoos on their body. Hence tattoo designs were also made based on these imaginary figures and the tattoos were also very elaborate and colorful. Hence these types of tattoos have also become very much popular because of rich ancient heritage and also intricate attractive designs. This was believed that older women of the tribe were responsible for creating tattoo on the body of younger ladies. Some investigators were even convinced that each symbol represented an abstract concept that transcended language -- from symbol directly to thought.
Words weren't demarcated by spaces or punctuation, although some glyphs served as word-endings. Once a mummy was discovered which was known as the mummy of amulet, a priestess that dates back to thousands and thousands of years ago, had this type of tattooing on its body.
But it is very surprising to note that the modern Egyptian society ruled by the Islam people dona€™t encourage this tattooing art rather it condemns this art. Hence it is only in these regions where the ancient Egyptian tattoo designs were accepted and the central theme or idea of the art begun to develop.

The affinity of Isis, Osiris, Basted, Amun and Amun Ra also gained popularity over a period of time in the ancient Egypt. Hence it is suitable for persons who are ardent inkers and also for ardent wearer of tattoos.
The tool that was used to generate the tattoo were made up of wood and even till 19 th century, similar appearance tools were used to craft tattoo. The Greeks, upon first seeing this colorful pictorial script in religious settings, called it hiera grammata (the sacred letters), or hieroglyphica (the sacred carved letters). Such extravagant and hyperbolic speculation cloaked the hieroglyphs in ever more mystery, and perhaps explains why they show up as the chosen script for the most exotic text tattoos. So it is very clear now that the Egyptians have contributed a lot from the very ancient times for the art of tattooing. We all might have heard about hieroglyphics, ancient Egyptian writing script in addition with other ancient symbols were used in a very large scale in the art of tattooing. People served these permanent marks on their body as amulets, the memory of the love,  status symbols, figures of punishment, signs of religious beliefs, and adornments. These designs are quite complicated  to design and often exercised for ceremonial purposes.

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