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Egyptian culture is really important as a part of tattoo because it is known that tattoos are originated from egyptian time and  culture it is really hard to find this kind of tattoo lu- egyptian tattoo ideas.
The most common approach to Egyptian tattoos employs the ancient Egyptian script, known as hieroglyphics.
As you go for Egyptian tattoos, you can opt for two types of writing: logograms and phonograms. Hieroglyphics began with 24 consonants, but in the end became a rich body of over a hundred symbols. There are few art forms that have been around for as long as tattooing – in fact, some anthropologists claim that the history of tattoos may date back as long as 15,000 years! It appears that tattooing was not particularly widespread among the Egyptians, with one notable exception - some Egyptian women, from priestesses to princesses to dancers, were tattooed with a pattern of parallel lines and shapes. We know this because some of these women were mummified, which preserved the skin and the tattoos.

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Known for its rich iconography and timeless appeal, Egyptian culture makes a fitting design choice for one’s tattoo. As the scripts were carved in the stone temples and in the tombs of the pharaohs, it was believed that the words carried their own brand of mystical wisdom and knowledge which guided the journey from this life to the next.
Though it never developed into a true alphabet, it fueled other scripts to life, such as the Phoenician, Hebrew, and Greek alphabets. The Egyptians refer to their script as “god’s words,” a notion supported by the Greeks who call it hiera grammata or the sacred letters. Moreover, recent studies developed the thought that each symbol stands for an abstract idea that cannot be boxed by any language—ideas that appeal directly to one’s understanding.
With the beauty and richness of these symbols, it’s no wonder why Egyptian tattoos are popular until today.

Generally, hieroglyphs were carved from right to left; but left-to-right and top-to-bottom orientations were also widely used.
One of the glyphs, a bird, looks in a certain direction to mark which way the passage should be read. These phonetics are often followed by a determinative, which are mute characters that give the reader a clue to the meaning of the word they proceed.
No spaces or punctuations were used in hieroglyphics; this adds fun and character to Egyptian tattoos.

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