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This is a corset piercing all the way down her back, this is not a permanent piercing, usually corsets are pierced for shows and special occasions because they do not last long. Here is another type of back temporary piercing, he has dozens of pins stuck through his skin all along the back. Piercings are not for the young I guess, these next two gentlemen show that even older folks can still be into the bod mod and tattoo trends. This man wanted no part of the traditional silver rings and barbells that are used for facial piercings, he went for the wicked and extreme route of barbed wire and tubes.
Here are a few more really pierced individuals with hundreds of piercings on the face neck and head.
I have a corset consisting of 8 piercings on my lower back that has lasted for three months now and has no signs of rejection.
Chiffon Aren and Victoria what a dumb ass comment black people can not take people who are individual stupid narrow minded ass hole get back on the boat.
I guess you would sleep on your back and have to be very careful when putting on a pull on shirt — forget about wearing a turtleneck! DIOS MIO QUE ASCO SE VEN ESPANTOSOS NO PUEDO CREERLO, NO PUEDE SER POSIBLE VER EL GRADO AL QUE HEMOS LLEGADO, QUE BARBARIDAD!!!!

THis is gross like why would u guys do this you wont be able to hAVE your face normal again u Freaks! Does anyone know what the name of the man in the second picture, with the pierced back, is? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The healing process requires a flexible type of jewelry such as Tygon in order to avoid snagging and tears.
You all in these pictures with the nasty piercings, you guys have to grow up and get older who in heavens name would let you guys work anywhere and who in the heck would wanna marry you. Somehow I must agree with James Hay there: This is gross and we are all freaks, I was waiting for one of those piercings that leaves part of the flesh exposed, or one of those silicone implants that makes diabolical lines on peoples foreheads or wherever. I really like the one where the lady has a tatooo on her back of the butterfly above the corset.
If he applies himself enough, he could probably have a very successful career in the body-modifying industry. Arts-stew is about having fun, just a mixture of everything and anything I can come up with, a stew if you will.

But i just hope these crazy ass people kno that they betta stay away from problems and never let others know what they think! I think they must of dont it for some reason, and none of us know the reason so we should let them be. I Love piercing and have 5 of my own, I have being judged and watching people be judged so sorry for my random comment…. By saying that all white people are narrow-minded, you are being narrow-minded yourself, yeah? Just because SOME people out there feel the need to have hundreds of barbells coming out of every inch of skin they could possibly pierce, doesn’t mean that all people who like piercings or have them WANT that. Don’t call everyone disgusting on behalf of the few people who take it to such extreme measures.

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