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Choose from the cool family tattoo designs presented in this site to give yourself a nice makeover. The tattoos of family revolve around popular phrases such as “Family is forever”, “Family First”, “Friends Family Forever”, etc. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Tribal Armband Tattoos, Tribal Band Tattoos, Diamond Tattoos and Demon Tattoos. The woman takes every step in her life with the motive of protecting her family’s interests and this tattoo is a synonym for the same. Family and friends mean a lot to this man and the tattoo below his ear is an expression of his admiration and love. Religious woman with a family tattoo that conveys all the positives she feels, being a part of her family.
Creative lettering tattoo with infinity symbol intertwined in the last letter Y looks very lovely. Cute family tattoo created with colorful stars that represent the grandmother, mother, the wearer and her little sister. The guy has got a simple family tattoo on his forearm that always motivates him and also keeps him on track.
This guy got a tattoo on his hand because it reminds him of his duties as the senior most member in the family. Take a look at this gorgeous tattoo created with red and black shades that always reminds the wearer to uphold his family honor. Graceful script tattoo, etched on the chest, in a cool cursive font has got a very romantic display.
For this caring and sensitive man family comes first and this is why he got a tattoo, saying the same, on his back. Colorful tattoo created with anchor and the words family and faith that indicate that the wearer’s family is his source of strength. Sparkling family tattoo created with black ink has a unique gloss and design that makes it quite special.

This foot tattoo expresses the wish of the wearer that she may always live with her family.
Vibrant family tattoo that carries Italian, Filipino, Irish and Cape Verdean flag imprints, looks very alluring. The eagle, heart with dagger and family first banner together create a charming tattoo that is also symbolic of the wearer’s possessive attitude towards his family.
The guy adores his family like nothing else and this tattoo is an expression of his love and affection.
The woman values her family above all else and this tattoo keeps reminding her to be dutiful. The girl pays tribute to her grandfather with this upper back tattoo who played a major role in keeping their family together. The waves around the family tattoo represent the fact that family keeps this person grounded.
Created in the shape of a heart, this rib tattoo looks very lovely and expresses the wonderful feelings associated with the wearer’s family. Family tattoo carved in the native script of the wearer makes an impressive style statement.
The flowers and the lovely squirrel with ducklings around it symbolize the security and warmth of family life.
The woman got this tattoo as a tribute to the recent times that brought her family closer, like never before.
Sea life is always fraught with danger and therefore, the sailor got the tattoo on his chest to feel secure and strong.
Exquisite family tattoo with fine black and white shading that also symbolizes what a blessing it is to have a family. The red shading and the funky font create a stylish and sexy family tattoo that is quite catchy in appearance. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.

The values and sentiments that we derive from our family acts as the principal driving force which propels us towards various actions. At times images such as flowers, portraits, heart shapes and other such stuff are also added to make them more interesting and charming. It is thus no wonder that many people love to sport a tattoo design which speaks of their love and gratitude towards their family.
If you are in search of tattoo ideas related with family then this post will provide excellent guidance. Apart from acting as a guiding light in our lives, our family also protects us from harmful entities and stands by us both in good and bad times.
Family is the primary unit of society and our first school where we learn to love and respect others. It carries 35 pictures of family tattoos with different designs, created in innovative styles. Thus family tattoos are a nice way to show one’s deep connection with his or her family, as the family always comes first.
In true sense, these are the elements that bind a family and give real meaning to our lives. A family tattoo design may incorporate a family tree, or words or phrases that express a similar emotion, such as “Family”, “Familie” or “Famiglia”. Family tattoos can take many forms due to the great variation in font style and size as well as coloration.
The family tattoos are an expression of this very sentiment of love, regard and tribute that we attach with our families. Sometimes other symbols, such as stars, flowers or musical tunes can also be included in the tattoo design to add a more personal touch to it.

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