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There's always a host of options to look at when it comes to decisions that you want to make in your life.
When I look at this motivational saying from the blogging lens, I think about the things that I've read about pertaining to how bloggers tend to stop early on in their journey because the return doesn't come fast enough for them. This one is in my motivational quotes bag because it is easy to stop day dreaming about what you want amidst all of the work that it may take to get there. So often when you start something, whether it's a project, a plan, a business or anything in between and you work on it toiling away night after night, month after month and year after year.. Well let me tell you that motivational sayings are the 'pick me up' and perspective that I need as a blogger.
As a blogger, one of the things that I have talked about is avoiding the temptations to seek quick rewards and success for fear of failure.
I tend to think that whether you're dreaming about what you want to do or simply living taking steps towards the goal line, the day you quit your day dream means it's not as important as it once was to you. There is always going to be someone that doesn't believe in something with as much passion the way you believe.
Many times I will reflect on several motivational quotes for work that come to mind when I think about continuing to move forward..

My path and the one that I have advocated is taking the longer and safer one that is more likely to lead to success.
This motivational saying keeps the doors open to all the possibilities that you deem possible. People are skeptical because you're the new kid on the block and not established and even if your content is great, people aren't so quick to become an avid follower. Beyond the responsibilities that I have as a blogger, as a father, as an employee and simply a person surviving in the world as we know it today, no matter what I'm going through, I realize there's always someone out there that has it rougher than I do. You do hit those walls when you feel like you're just totally done with it especially if you're not seeing the results right away. To often, in today's world if it's not instant then there must be something wrong, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. As a business owner, you have a new journey on your hands and that means in short, that the door is wide open with respect to what can happen if you keep calm and dream on about what "could" happen to you as a result of all your hard work. Even if that's the case, this motivation keeps me on the road to truly believing that with faith and a sincere belief in what you're doing it will lead to the best things that there are to look forward to and experience as a result of staying the course. I see this quote and feel that I have an obligation to keep my sense of purpose and do something worthwhile with the opportunity that I've been given to live the life that I have regardless of the challenges that I'm presented with and I strive to do that each day.

This motivational saying just reminds me that when I'm feeling a little less motivated to always remember the beginning and why I'm doing what I'm doing in the first place. For me, often times success is the continuation of my journey in blogging and being able to do what I set out to do which was to help other bloggers through blogging. Michelle Obama in this motivational quote talks about how the reality is that it is easy to focus on the money with respect to success, but that it shouldn't be about the dollars and cents. I have a board in my home with a saying that reads: you know what success looks like to you and there's an image of a golden key right in the middle of it all. I look at motivational sayings like this one to remind me that there are all kinds of options and roads out there to get to where I'm going, but failure is only an option if I make it one and that's not going to happen.
What's your golden key and what does it mean to you ?With that said, blogging is tough, but work in any industry typically is too.

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