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A more suburban style shopping center with its own parking lot at the intersection of Melrose Avenue and Fuller Avenue. Gritty, cutting-edge shops, cafes and other boutiques along the 7400 block of Melrose Avenue. Shop signs and even billboards advertise to the people walking (and driving) by on busy Melrose Avenue. A rare sight on Melrose Avenue at its intersection with Gardner Street--a tree covered sidewalk. More trendy boutiques, a head shop, and even the original location of Johnny Rockets on Melrose Avenue.
A gritty street scene shows off Melrose Avenue's alternative side at its intersection with Sierra Bonita Avenue. Although Melrose Avenue is a busy part of town, you'll still find plenty of on-street parking. If you want to live the rock and roll lifestyle, you can start by shopping at one of these boutiques on Melrose Avenue. On Melrose Avenue, you'll see a lot of variety from trendy boutiques to vintage stores.

These mannequins should give you an idea of the kind of clothes (and accessories) you can purchase on Melrose Avenue. This Starbucks with its outdoor patio used to be The Burger That Ate LA, a famous burger joint that has since closed. Funky shops, record stores, tattoo parlors, and even a bench in the shade along the 7700 block of Melrose Avenue. If you would like your business listed, please send us an email by going to the Contact Us page.Also, use the Contact Us page to send us any corrections, questions, or other correspondence. Whether you think tattoos are marks of beauty or big, permanent mistakes, between 14 and 25 percent of American adults have at least one tattoo, and many tatted celebs like Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie (try one of these celeb looks for women on the go) have been touted the most beautiful women in the world. If your ’90s dream involved sprinting down the grocery aisles collecting giant blocks of cheese and oversize inflatable bananas on Supermarket Sweep, this clip will give you a heavy dose of nostalgia. As Bayer’s character takes a more practical and subdued approach to the competition, McCarthy ruthlessly collects an entire side of beef, two wheels of imported parmesan cheese, an industrial deli slicer and even stops to stuff her face with straight-up mayo. Interaction and information are enhanced with the use of accompanying sounds, and lately, also with the use of vibrations.
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From the space sim X-wing to the innovative RTS Empire at War, there was always something new for every Star Wars fan.
Multiplayer gaming made easy: Just connect your console to Internet through a DSL or Cable Internet connection and get into a multiplayer game. 8: Honolulu, Hawaii With its gorgeous beaches, amazing climate and abundance of tiny-umbrella-topped frosty cocktails, Honolulu already looks like a great place to live (paradise, much?). But add the props it earned from us for best-looking people, and you've got one of the best places to live in the whole country. The Bay Area was even mentioned (along with New York City, which didn't make our list) as the only American places in Matador Nights' "Five Destinations for the Tattooed Traveler," thanks to its status as an underground "haven" for tattoo lovers in the '60s. 6: Austin, TexasCalled "accepting" of heavily tattooed individuals, this increasingly hip college town and "Live Music Capital of the World" is visited by young, "artsy" tattooed people from all over, at least once a year, at its South by Southwest (SXSW) festival.

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