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Feather tattoos are one of the most common tattoos that are worn by the people for their beautiful display as well as symbolic meaning. You can get it carved on any place but the popular choices are the upper back, forearm, shoulders and feet.
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Black feather tattoo, carved on wrist, acts as a source of inspiration to the wearer motivating him to take his creativity to new heights. The numerous small birds flying along the feather are a symbol of freedom that is well-depicted through the quote.
This collar-bone tattoo is a symbol of the promise the girl has made to herself that she would never let her weaknesses block her freedom. Feather image carved in dark ink below the thumb is a symbol of freedom that is achieved with our noble actions.
A large feather and small birds emerging out of it signify the fact that we must set ourselves free from the self-made chains. A single curly feather adorning the body stands for the fact that simplicity liberates our soul.
Wafting on the side, on the ribcage, this feather tattoo symbolizes the lightness of mind the wearer wants to achieve.
The birds breaking away from the feather symbolize the desire of the wearer to move on in life on the wings of hope.
The girl got this feather tattoo on her shoulder as a mark of peace that she has found in her life after letting go off all the regrets.
The ink pot and the feather together point towards the literary profession of the wearer and his passion for it. This man has got the feather along with birds as a mark of tribute to his favorite author Edgar Allen Poe. The hummingbird approaching a flower carved along with other birds and a large feather is the symbol of freedom and bliss. The feather, carved on the side of the body, looks aesthetic and blends with the contours of this body part.
The birds breaking away from the feather stand for a new beginning that must be oriented towards a free future.

These feathers represent the girl and her beloved who have found freedom and happiness in their union. Feather wafting on the lower belly is a symbol of the hunger to attain freedom from the bondage that has blocked the wearer’s progress. Pretty forearm tattoo that has a large feather with many tiny birds; a token of independence. The man represents a tribal portrait with two large black feather tattoos on his neck and piercing on the ear. Artistic feather tattoo that has got pretty colors and doubles up as an accessory for the wearer. Yellow and blue feather tattoo, carved behind the ear, looks sweet and holds a special meaning for the wearer. This woman got a feather on her back as a mark of remembrance for her baby girl who she lost. Another memorial tattoo with a sweet line about the dear one who is being missed dearly by the wearer. The girl got this beautiful tattoo in memory of her aunt that has an eagle feather entwined together with a ribbon. Birds coming out of a broken feather and moving up from the back are a symbol of triumph over obstacles. The girl ha got the small feather carved on her shoulder as it looks creative and graceful. Birds and wings are a simile for the spiritual enlightenment that a person achieves when the mind becomes free. The feathers wafting on the back along with birds are a symbol of faith in god and the bliss the wearer feels due to her belief. Light feather flying on the foot signifies the fact that we must always set foot in the direction that promises freedom and joy. A charming feather tattoo carved with black and red combination that symbolizes the fact that true beauty of life lies in liberation.
This curled light blue feather tattoo has a magnificent aesthetic appeal that looks simply awesome. The girl shows off her first tattoo, carved on the leg that symbolizes love, peace and freedom.

This girl has a feather and a quote on her feet that assert freedom of speech and expression so that truth is upheld in all circumstances.
Simple feather tattoo carved behind the ear that whispers the mantra of freedom into the ears of the girl.
Red feather tattoo, carved on the chest, is a symbol of love that is liberating and blissful by nature. Love tattoo bearing twin feathers that denotes the joy the lovers find in each other’s company. The girl got this feather carved on her upper back in memory of her deceased friend who has left behind a legacy of dear memories.
Curvy, grey feather engraved on the hand that is an indicator of the dreams this person wants to achieve. Feather carved on the foot is a symbol of the dreamy nature of the person and his desire to move on in search of the dreams.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Lovely feather tattoos, I’m just looking for something for myself and may have found it! The feather is light and flighty by nature and hence, symbolizes freedom and enlightenment. At times, the feather tattoo is also worn in the memory of a loved one who has passed away. In fact, a group of birds breaking away from the feather is a very popular and symbolic tattoo design that is worn by both the sexes in equal measure.
Apart from this, the feathers of different birds denote different meanings, distinct from one another.
Below we have presented a gallery of 40 feather tattoos that will give you beautiful insights into their display and meaning.
These tattoos have a graceful aesthetic appeal that is pleasant to watch and looks very soothing.

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