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The Koi tattoo symbolism of sexuality in tattooing is not widely understood nor believed, however. That may sound like a lot for what is in fact simply a carp, but that is where its meaning comes from. The water the koi’s is swimming in is blue with an outline of white, giving it a foamy like look. In the process it transformed into a dragon, proof of its successful struggle against the long odds.
Particularly beautiful specimens have been known to fetch prices in excess of half-a-million dollars from private collectors who specialize in their breeding and showing.
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There are many different opinions as to what Koi Fish Tattoos symbolize in tattoo art, many feel that there is a sexual symbolism to the styles and colors of Koi, some feel that the direction which a Koi swims in the tattoo symbolizes sexual orientation whereas others believe that the Koi tattoo is an expression of perseverance and achievement. There are groups of people who try to reinforce the belief that the direction that the Koi swims along the body symbolizes ones sexual orientation and that it can be used to determine if someone is pronouncing themselves as heterosexual or gay. It is said in Chinese legends that if the Koi could make it past a point called Dragon Gate in the Yellow river, it would become a dragon.
The pink lilies in the background have a hint of yellow in the center of it, and they flow across the water with ease, following the Koi as he ascends the Yellow river. These beautiful creatures, known also as Japanese carp are usually representative of overcoming life’s obstacles. So, you can see how a koi fish tattoo can also speak symbolically of something that is transformational. Not only is it visually appealing but the artist has decided to add in quite a few elements to it. We would like to say thank you if you share this Famous Tattoo Artist Female Design to other people with facebook, google plus, twitter or other social media accounts.
By far the strongest and most popular interpretation is that of aspiration, determination, achievement, ambition and perseverance in a journey to ones goal in life.

A very old Japanese legend spoke of a koi fish who, if it could succeed in climbing up a certain waterfall it would be turned into a dragon.
The Koi Fish tattoo has several different colors on it including yellow, orange, blue, and pink. The symbolism behind the Koi is known around the world, which is why it is one of the most popular tattoos today.
They are usually talked about in folklore as the animals who can overcome the greatest obstacles. The koi fish tattoo pictured show a Japanese carp swimming among a field of cherry blossom flowers.
They can live for generations and some have even become tame enough to feed out of their owners hand. It is also one of the most popular and beautiful of Japanese tattoo symbols – a beauty which belies its symbolic meaning. Now normally that would make a Koi fish tattoo that seemed really busy but this one works out fairly well. Water generally symbolizes flexibility and the overcoming of obstacles, much like the final design element, the Koi itself. Therefore the legend went on the symbolize the koi fish as a creature that always strives for advancement and ultimate success.
Mixing its symbolism of strength and perseverance, and its colors made this tattoo a real nice piece of art, and also made it look really, really realistic. In these myths they sometimes achieve deeds so great that they are transformed into dragons. As he continued his life’s journey he might eventually earn a dragon for his final back piece, echoing the legend of the leaping koi transforming into a dragon at Dragon Gate. Although Chinese in origin, the carp is now widely celebrated in Japan, particularly for its manly qualities. In fact, it’s said that a Koi fish caught by a fisherman will lie patiently for the knife and not even try to struggle.

One with the determination to always overcome obstacles and to attain the highest goals possible. It indicates the ability to overcome life’s obstacles even in the face of great adversity and death. Coloring, whiskers, scaling and special marks represent a range of qualities a young man might wish for in his life.
As, you can see the stacking of colors on this Koi tattoo makes the design stand out from other Koi tattoos.
It is said to climb waterfalls bravely, and, if caught, it lies upon the cutting board awaiting the knife without a quiver, not unlike a samurai (warrior) facing a sword. In one tale, a fishermen catches one and agrees to let it go after he found out it could speak. This koi fish tattoo is not only symbolic but also a beautiful piece of art that anyone would be proud to have inked into his skin and would make an excellent chest piece or back piece.
Therfore a person wishing to mark their body with a design that has deep symbolic meaning might want to get a koi tattoo design. Once the artist had the brightly colored fish for the main element of the design he decided to kick it up a notch. And this one is such a huge part of the design then I imagine that is the main symbolism behind this tattoo. That the person has overcome obstacles and is striving to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Generally known here as the brightly colored fish that are common in public ponds and fountains, carp (koi is Japanese for carp) can be found in colors that include white, yellow, gold, a deep orange, and some are even calico-colored. I think that’s a pretty good interpretation of what the bearer of this design was trying to achieve.

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