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If you are looking for a tattoo design that exudes a vibrancy and high octane energy, just opt for a nice flame tattoo and you are good to go. This tattoo is out of control, it is just like one of the pictures I have seen out of the Christmas Tale.
If you are into having a flame tattoo put on your leg like this, make sure you have lots of time to answer questions when people start asking them, because once they see it, the questions will fly like flames in the night. You see, fire has a dual nature; it can help sustain life by keeping it warm, lighting a dark path and even defending the person who can harness it correctly. While this is considered to be one of those flame tattoos it also one of the most interesting pieces of tattoo art I have ever seen.
Flame tattoos not only look dynamic and exciting, they can also convey an array of deep meanings. It’s designs like this that are the reason why flame tattoos are becoming more and more popular, especially among men. Maybe the individual has endured some hardship and wanted to get a flame tattoo to show that they have survived their crucible.
I am not sure how I feel about this flame tattoo, I know it is very pretty, but I think I would rather have something like this a little smaller and probably put it on my back.
I really like the way this artist has created this beast and incorporated other peoples and faces into it’s very being.

Fire had been an important catalyst of change and progression in human society ever since the earliest times. And flame tattoos can have many different reasons according to what the bearer attributes to it. Yeah this is one wild and colorful flame tattoo, it stands out like a sore thumb, if you know what I mean.
Usually, when you see a flame tattoo there are various hues of red and orange that make the design look like actual fire. It really catches the eye and makes me want to look at it and study it and I would imagine that it would have just about the same effect on almost anybody. It allowed mankind to fashion earthen potteries and cook food, which literally transformed the material world. It’s the night before Christmas in a very colorful way, with the flames at the top and the bottom, watch out for melting wax around this guys leg. Many people use fire as a symbol of this duality; they use it to express passion and transformation.
Not all people like flame tattoos but I think nearly every one will like this tattoo when it is put on someone. In Christianity, fire is an often used metaphor of the power of the Holy Spirit and is often used in depictions of the underworld or of Hell.

Then again, perhaps the bearer of this tattoo has a reverence for the long past days of the 1950′s.
On the other hand, fire can be quite destructive and burn anything and everything down to ashes. I mean, after all that was the time period when everybody got flames put on their cars, right? Fire and flames also carried important symbolic meanings in various religions and cultures of the ancient world. But, no matter what the reason is, this flame tattoo looks good and the placement is one that really defines the bearers arm.
Be certain that your passions last as long as your inked art does by using this powerful design as a daily reminder.
Fire is associated with various philosophical ideas such as passion, light, wisdom, knowledge, creative energy, change, transformation, rebirth, the sun, the Holy Spirit, destruction, danger, hell, lust, warnings and temptations. Flame tattoos can come in a wide range of styles and various other motifs such as dices, skulls, Fleur-de-lys or the Cross can be added to them as well.

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