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You have to wonder how often thirty-somethings across the land hear "Nice Chi' Peps tat, brah," sarcastically said to them by a stranger, regarding the ink they received during a black-out trip to a Daytona Beach tattoo parlor during Spring Break '92.That scenario will and should keep anybody from getting tattooed with the logo (or, God forbid, lead singer's face) on their skin for the rest of their life. Here, based on highly scientific research conducted in bars, dimly lit clubs and arena parking lots, are the twenty bands that most inspire tattoos among their fans:20.
The Rolling Stones With the median age of the Stones' largest fan group inching toward the seventies, the number of tattoos by Stones fans is significantly smaller than say, ICP fans. The Descendents Many of the bands on this list seem to come from the punk scene, which is explained by a few things: 1) The age of that scene's fans (maxes out at about 55), and 2) the rebellious nature, an attitude that tattoos have been sleeping with since before Joey Ramone first copped dope. Any big metal show in the country should include a few Type O tattoos; if it doesn't, you might want to question your taste in mainstream metal, because as that style goes, it's hard to top Type O. Radiohead Radiohead has a cult following, but the band's introverted style isn't one that always jibes with the run-out-and-get-tattooed crowd. Still, you'll spot a Radiohead tattoo at mainstream music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo, and on undergrads at college campuses, of course, who just downloaded The Bends and whose minds have changed forever -- or at least for a semester. It was a time of small, inconspicuous -- cute, even -- tattoos, when rainbow-colored dolphins swimming around a full moon were also everywhere. RHCP is in a select group with bands like Rage Against the Machine and 311, who will be as omnipresent in college dorm rooms as Scarface posters. But like Phish, their stock is dwindling as the growth of new fans slows and gives way to dubstep and the neo-folk of bands like My Morning Jacket. The kinship it shares with other bands on this list is getting that RHCP star logo on your wrist or shoulder blade at one point meant a few things: You were easygoing, a free thinker and prone to getting funky.

Sublime The death of singer Bradley Nowell in May 1996 -- just a month before the band's incredible self-titled third album was released -- made Sublime a cult band before they made it big.
Insane Clown Posse Since going to a major label in 1995, ICP and its growing army of Juggalos with Hatchet Man tattoos is this era's best example of a musical group with a cult following. A child dragon design the bee designed small or massive mara checks in at rock band tattoo ideas 5-foot-5 and is 25 years outdated.
The realism of this Kurt Cobain portrait, the detail and the expression captured, makes this one of the most impressive tattoos I've ever seen.
But it won't faze those fans who wear their ink as a badge of honor.It's true, some bands inspire tattoos more than others -- evidenced by the utter lack of Third Eye Blind tattoos. But like the band's music, Rolling Stones tattoos are kind of timeless, which puts them at Number 20 on our list.
The Descendents' iconic "Milo" logo -- or a personalized variation of it -- has been spotted on forearms from coast to coast since the mid-'80s, when the band really came into popularity. Alkaline Trio The sons and daughters of KISS fans may scoff at their elders' ink while confidently looking at their own band tattoo. Phish Phish's heyday in the late '90s was a time when you could spot a Phish tattoo on any guy or girl involved in a sweaty, quick-moving game of hacky-sack. While the Misfits have sold truckloads of merch over the last thirty years (even bringing their own screens on tour in the early days to screenprint the iconic Crimson Ghost logo on leather jackets), the Misfits tattoo has been spotted on frontmen of bands punk and metal, and on fans of all styles.
By just showing off your hatchet-man tattoo, you're accepted into the largest gang of self-described outcasts, the Juggalos.
That's all it takes for a band's musical reputation to be asterisked forever, which makes getting a tattoo of that band, well, risky.
Hot Water Music The fire-over-water logo is another symbol frequently spotted around rock shows.

Operation Ivy With the popularity of Bay Area punks Rancid in the mid-'90s came renewed interest in Operation Ivy, a band that had two members of Rancid. Slayer The eyebrow-raising imagery in Slayer lyrics and its artwork brought up conversations about the band's social leanings (read: Third Reich), which is enough to make some folks run out and get a tattoo right away. Black Flag Probably the most famous punk-oriented tattoo, the Black Flag bars were first and most famously sported by the band's most popular -- if not best -- lead singer, Henry Rollins.
Led Zeppelin The original heavy-metal band (debate below in the comments), Led Zeppelin's rumored dabbling in the occult only helped its cult status among fans. Green Day fans of the American Idiot era who were sixteen in 2004 are now 22, prime age for getting a tattoo, according to Pew.
Since that tattoo was worn on flimsy club stages across America in the '80s, the Black Flag bars have been customized by fans, filled with the colors of a city's flag, surrounded by other artwork and even sported by Academy Award nominees.
Also, the fact they they hardly released a bad record, or even song, makes a Zeppelin tattoo a safe bet. Iron Maiden Perhaps the most iconic metal band if only for its iconic Eddie character, Iron Maiden's rise to fame in the '80s -- and again this decade -- shows that its fans are loyal at both the record store and in the tattoo parlor. Type O Negative Longevity and a commitment to a particular sound -- usually based around a solid lineup -- plus an iconic logo will result in more than a few tattoos.

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