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Check out the Graffiti Creator example shown below and be sure to visit my Classroom 21 wikispace to see how my Language Arts students have included customized logos into their digital portfolios. Graffiti Creator¬†could also be a low tech way of integrating a digital tool into the art classroom. So, put that spraypaint away and boogie on over to the¬†Graffiti Creator to unleash your inner homie…Word!

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With that said, I showed my students how to utilize the Snipping Tool on the PC to snag the image from the Graffiti Creator site—another digital skill they have now acquired!
Although some posts may not be applicable to your content area or grade level, be sure to check back often as I will be varying ideas in order to provide resources across the K-12 curriculum.

Not only is this web tool easy to use, but it’s free—and students love experimenting with it!

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