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Foot tattoo is getting more and more popular with showing off of celebrities and maybe surrounding friends. Somebody may experience extremely painful process to get foot tattoo on the body and longer time to heal. While men prefer to have big tattoos, women opt for small Feminine Foot tattoos decorated with attractive designs.  When women are asked what part of their bodies is the best place to have their tattoos, they would reveal instantly that it is the foot that is one of the best parts of their bodies to have it due to its purity and simplicity in appearance.
Feminine Foot tattoos are generally small in form, and they are available in various designs such as a flowered heart, a small native flower, a rose or a lily, a butterfly, an angel or seraph, a sea horse or a humming bird.  You can also have a small name or signature as a great option for your foot tattoo. Because of the rising popularity of Feminine Foot tattoo among women, choices of designs have increased significantly and many tattoo galleries online claim that they have the widest selection of best designs in foot tattoos.  One good thing about a foot tattoo is that it is usually small in form and yet, it can exude a smart look and make a woman sexier and more beautiful.

To achieve this, it is best to have your Feminine Foot tattoo during summer where it is possible to wear only sandals or slippers instead of shoes as compared to winter season.  You should also keep in mind to keep your feet always clean with lukewarm water to avoid wound infection.
The dreamcatcher tattoos presented in this site are perfect for anyone who wishes to have sweet dreams, whether or not you have Native American lineage.
Despite the small area, there are the same plenty of ideas for tattooing on foot and most of them are rendered in cute and lovely style. It’s very important to do a good homework and elevate your foot before getting the tattoo inked.
According to Native American legends, dreamcatchers are sacred tools that could be used by one to have nice dreams and keep away bad or ominous ones.

Dreamcatchers come in diverse colors and patterns, and they can be adorned with the images of animals, birds, crystals, flowers, arrowheads, beads, and other symbols.
They look quite magical and exotic to the eyes of the observer, and as such can be worn by both men and women.

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