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The dove tattoo can be paired with roses to show love or paired with an olive branch to show peace.
A white dove and skull tattoo with a snake crawling up the skull to get the dove as it flies off. A white and blue dove flying with a green olive branch in its mouth is an inspirational dove tattoo design. This is a dove tattoo with a lot of detail in simple colors with a cross and flowers around it on the arm.
A dove tattoo with a banner with the date of death and the word “daddy” in a intricate font below the dove.

A simple dove design in black holding a small red rose and a memorial to the wearer’s father.
The tattoo is a dove resting on an olive branch with a piece of it in its mouth on the wearer’s side. Along with meaning love and peace the dove can also symbolize a new beginning, since in Noah’s time, it was the dove that brought the branch to the ark to show land had been found. Christians often get cross tattoos to symbolize their faith in Jesus and to remind them of His sacrifice.
If you are for a dove tattoo and are not sure what design would be best, look below at these inspiring tattoos.

A dove tattoo can look nice on just about any part of the body from a small ankle tattoo to a larger more intricate back tattoo.

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