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The idea is similar previously-mentioned Beauty Box, but Facetune is more powerful and intuitive.
Once you’ve fixed the photo itself, you can apply a number of flattering filters, and share it to various social services, or even other iOS photo editors.
Most of the best cheeses have their own type of stink, but that can make it hard to tell if they have spoiled or not.
During pilot season, tons of TV shows are ordered and then enthusiastically spruiked in trade magazines.

Facetune is a powerful portrait editor that can tackle just about any issues with a portrait right on your phone. As far as photo apps go, Facetune is a little niche, but it’s incredibly well-suited to its purpose. So you can feel the change itself with Hair changer, fake hair, you can be pretty realistic. Then you can pinch to change the size of the effect, and rotate with two fingers to turn the stamp on its axis to make it look more natural.

At any time as you work, you can tap and hold a history button to see the original photo overlaid over your current view, giving you a great idea of how far you’ve come.

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