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Christmas Eve is a great opportunity to reach those outside the church that often goes unused. This makes so much sense, but I must admit that I have not thought through my Christmas strategy. The church I recently got involved in is a campus church that just opened at Easter, so I’m not sure how we celebrate Christmas yet.
We were going to do a Christmas Eve Eve Eve service to one up everyone…ok, just kidding.
Oh, and we’re doing one 11am All Family (yes all the kids too) Christmas Day service. We are in Church Planting and  we liked your words of wisdom for the season.  It is true that most folks- I think from decades before 50s and after 40s remember the importance of church in families.
Different time options give people a reason to say yes to an invitation to come to your service.
Well, if you know me you realize that I’m drawn to high-energy, creative environments.

The number one reason people decide whether or not to come back to a church they visited is how they felt about the Pastor. Ok, you had multiple services on Christmas Eve and it was beautiful; people showed up in droves, and you had one of your best days. Most people will not make up their minds on what to do on Christmas Eve until just a few days before–even the day before. Some churches are doing several services on the 24th and don’t feel the need to have one on Christmas day.
Allow newcomers to experience your DNA and the type of services they can expect the next time they visit the church.
Seems like every year I have to convince a Senior Pastor that Christmas Eve is a powerful and great opportunity for outreach. Christmas Eve is a great opportunity to reach out to people who want to connect with God and their families and who are looking for an opportunity to do so. But when it comes to Christmas, I’m looking for traditional, warm, chestnuts-roasting-on-an-open-fire type of service.

Create a nice-looking invitation that your church members can use to invite family and friends. Done well, your Christmas Eve service could be one of the best attended service of the entire year.
It just feels odd to close a church down on a Sunday morning on one of the biggest Christian holidays.
A lot of people I talk with around Christmas time are displaced from most of their families and are looking to make traditions of their own. Christmas Eve, for those of us, is a very sentimental time, and we want to feel like George and Mary Bailey and not like Homer and Marge Simpson.

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